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Reddit Account Scraper

Reddit Account Scraper

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1 day trial then $25.00/month - No credit card required now

Seamlessly download full Reddit user accounts, capturing posts, images, activity, and historical data, including URLs and media comments. Export detailed insights to CSV, JSON, XML, EXCEL formats, or effortlessly import them into your email for comprehensive analysis and easy access.

Ultimate Reddit Account Scraper


Our tool is designed to efficiently download a Reddit user's account data, including comments, posts, with all media data. It meticulously extracts all associated metadata, including media content URLs and links, providing a comprehensive view without the need for login credentials.

What Does Our Scraper Do?

Our scraper provides extensive capabilities, including:

  • download and extraction of a Reddit user's entire post history, with all key information and metadata.
  • In-depth extraction of user profile information, focusing on user engagement and interaction data.
  • Flexible downloading options based on user-defined limits, enabling the retrieval of the newest, most popular, or top-rated posts.

Data Extraction Capabilities

Data Extraction Capabilities

Data TypeExtractable Data
User Profile Dataβœ… Account Statuses, βœ… Banner Images, βœ… Community Icons, βœ… Public Descriptions
Post Dataβœ… Titles, βœ… Text Content, βœ… Media Links, βœ… Engagement Metrics (Upvotes, Comments), βœ… Post Settings (Over-18, Pinned)
Subreddit Detailsβœ… Subreddit Names, βœ… Subscriber Counts, βœ… Community URLs, βœ… Categories
Interactive Elementsβœ… Awards Given and Received, βœ… Karma Breakdown, βœ… Flair Details
Media Elementsβœ… Media Links from Posts
Additional Insightsβœ… Timestamps, βœ… Post and Comment URLs, βœ… Recent Posts and Comments

Key Features

  • In-Depth User Data Extraction: Dive into detailed Reddit user profiles, capturing posts, images, activities, and full history.
  • Advanced Sorting & Filtering: Tailor your data extraction with sophisticated filters for time, post type, and user engagement.
  • Multiple Data Export Formats: Seamlessly export to CSV, JSON, XML, EXCEL, or integrate directly with email systems for efficient data handling.

Practical Applications

  • Market and Consumer Insights: Uncover trends and consumer opinions for targeted marketing strategies.
  • Sentiment Analysis & Social Research: Analyze post sentiments for comprehensive social research.
  • Competitive Analysis: Track competitor activities and audience engagement for strategic planning.

How to Scrape Reddit User Accounts

Our Reddit scraper is designed for ease of use:

  1. Sign up for a free account.
  2. Launch the Reddit User Account Scraper.
  3. Input the Reddit user account you want to scrape, by username or profile link, example or just Mark_Ruffalo
  4. Click "Start" to begin the scraping process.
  5. Download your data in formats like JSON, CSV, or Excel.

For detailed instructions, check out our guide or tutorial video.

Using Advanced Filters

  • Filter by Type: Choose between user posts or profile data.
  • Sorting Options: Organize data by recent activity, popularity, or engagement.
  • Date Filters: Select specific time frames for data retrieval (available for posts).

Other Considerations

Proxy Usage

Using proxies is advisable for successful scraping. While some scraping can be done with datacenter proxies, residential proxies offers the best result.

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