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Scrape tweets from any Twitter user profile. Top Twitter API alternative to scrape Twitter hashtags, threads, replies, followers, images, videos, statistics, and Twitter history. Download your data in any format, including JSON and Excel. Seamless integration with apps, reports, and databases.

Running the Twitter Scraper will consume platform credits. Every Apify subscription plan includes a set monthly USD amount of platform credits. If you require more, you will have to upgrade your plan. Check our platform pricing and subscription plan pages for details.

Luckily, the Twitter Scraper is not very demanding, because the structure of the Twitter website is not complicated and the content is relatively easy to scrape. You can expect to spend around $0.25 for 1,000 results, so your monthly free platform credits should be enough for many actor runs. It also doesn't make a big difference whether you scrape profiles, hashtags, comments, trends, or retweets.

Twitter Scraper doesn't really require residential proxies, so you can safely stick with the data center ones included in our free plan. But you can always upgrade to residential proxies for faster results.

The best way to find out how many platform credits an actor will consume is to perform a test run. You can then review platform usage in Billing and figure out the best Apify subscription plan for your needs.

If you want something special or require end-to-end service, you can also request a custom solution.