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Effortlessly scrape tweets from Twitter Search. Download your data in any format (JSON, CSV, XML, RSS, HTML Table). Seamless integration with apps, reports, and databases.

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Easy Twitter Search Scraper

Free trial for 12 hours

Then $14.00/month


Important: This Apify actor interacts with Twitter's APIs to retrieve data. However, please be aware that Twitter's APIs and platform are subject to frequent updates and changes. These changes can sometimes result in unexpected behavior or cause the actor to stop working entirely.

Due to the dynamic nature of Twitter's ecosystem recently, there is a possibility that this actor might cease to function as intended or be shut down entirely in the future if it becomes incompatible with Twitter's API changes.

What does Twitter Search Scraper do?

Effortlessly scrape tweets from Twitter Search. Download your data in diverse formats such as JSON and Excel, ensuring compatibility with various applications, reports, and databases.

Twitter Search Scraper data output

The output for the scrape is stored in the dataset. After the run is finished, you can download the dataset in various data formats (JSON, CSV, XML, RSS, HTML Table).

Input example

Here's an input example in JSON:

{ "searchQueries": [ "apify" ], "tweetsDesired": 100, }

Output example

{ "id": "1678374008914423809", "url": "https://twitter.com/apify/status/1678374008914423809", "verified": false, "username": "@apify", "fullname": "Apify", "images": [ "https://pbs.twimg.com/media/F0rIRAIWwAEv9Qw.jpg" ], "timestamp": "2023-07-10T09:02:00.000Z", "text": "With the new Extended GPT Scraper, you can use your own OpenAI API key and choose the version of the GPT model 馃挰 Unlike GPT Scraper, this Actor is free and you'll only be charged for the Apify platform usage 馃捀 Try it out now on Apify Store 馃憞\n馃敆 apify.it/3O9ttHj", "isQuote": false, "isRetweet": false, "likes": 3, "replies": 0, "retweets": 1, "quotes": 0 }