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Tesco UK Scraper

Tesco UK Scraper

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Pay $5.00 for 1,000 Items

Discover grocery scraper automation at scale from UKs largest supermarket chain Tesco in seconds! Get product prices, upc, category, availability, images, and more.

🛒 Tesco UK Groceries Scraper

🌟 Version 0.0.6 - Added Listing, Product Mode

Release Date: 2024-06-08


  • Added Listing and Productmodes. The user is now able to select between scraping category listings in Listing mode or scraping product detail pages in Product mode
  • Listing mode scraping enables users to scrape products from a whole category or filtered category
  • Added max_itemsparameter. User are now able to define how much items they want. MAX_PAID_ITEMS (Advanced Options) will be regarded when max_itemsexceeds this limit for fair usage purposes.
  • Added max_pagesparameter. User are now able to define how much pages they want the scraper to go through before it stops. If max_items limit is reached this will be ignored

🌟 Version 0.0 - Initial Release

Release Date: 2024-06-07


  • 📝 Bulk Grocery Product Extraction

    • Scrapes grocery products from Tesco UK
    • Extracts key details such as
      • Product title,
      • UPC/GTIN,
      • Price,
      • Offer / Promotion prices,
      • Unit prices,
      • Description,
      • Main / Sub / Product Categories,
      • Nutritional information,
      • Allergens,
      • Manufacturer information,
      • Price matching data
      • and many more..
  • 📊 Data Output:

    • Outputs dataset as JSON, JSONL, Excel spreadsheet, HTML table, CSV, or XML for easy integration and analysis.
    • Provides a clean and structured data output for further processing or direct use.
  • 🛠️ Error Handling and Logging:

    • Comprehensive error handling to manage site-specific issues and changes.
    • Detailed logging to assist in debugging and tracking scraping activities.

Improvements and Fixes:

  • Initial release with all core features and functionalities fully tested.
  • Resolved initial bugs


  • Users are encouraged to provide feedback for further improvements.
  • Future updates will focus on continuing to improve and enhance searching capabilities.

For any issues or suggestions, please open up an issue on the platform.

This changelog entry documents the initial release of the tesco groceries web scraper actor, detailing its core features, functionalities, and initial bug fixes.

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