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1 day trial then $69.00/month - No credit card required now

Fast and lightweight DubiCars.com scraper allows you to deep dive in the the UAE’s fastest-growing online car market for buyers and sellers. Export scraped data, run the scraper via API, schedule and monitor runs or integrate with other tools

What does DubiCars Scraper do?

DubiCars Scraper for cars allows you to scrape any cars from chosen urls from DubiCars.com. Here are main functionalities:

  1. Extract all DubiCars data from chosen urls
  2. Extract all DubiCars data the last X days from now from chosen urls
  3. Extract any DubiCars individual cars
  4. Export any DubiCars data in many formats, also easy to integrate with your own external systems within minutes


Full input sample:

2"start_urls": [{
3"url": "https://www.dubicars.com/dubai/new"},
5"url": "https://www.dubicars.com/search?view=&ms=yes&o=&did=&ul=AD&ma=&mo=&b=&set=bu&c=new&eo=export-only&stsd=&cr=USD&cy=&co=&s=&gi=&f=&g=&l=2&st=&gen=0"
8"scrape_page_limit": 1,
9"ad_detail_page_urls": "https://www.dubicars.com/2022-victory-v2-448-aed-monthly-3-yr-warranty-insurance-registration-748194.html,https://www.dubicars.com/2023-mercedes-benz-s-400-s400d-import-japan-vcc-733650.html"
  • run_mode By default, test mode is enabled, for the real scraped, please select Production option (prod)

  • start_urlsshould be cars search page without page=your-page or sort=your-sort. i.e. https://uae.DubiCars.com/cars/used-cars/.

  • scrape_page_limitif this data is set, only the first scrape_page_limit of start_urls will be scraped. To remove this limit, remove this scrape_page_limitfrom input

  • ad_detail_page_urlsIf you just want to get only specific cars corresponding to provided urls, then setup value for this input, delimiter ","

  • proxy_settings To avoid getting blocked, setup proxy for running scraper, delimiter ",". i.e. http://username:password@hostname:port,http://auto:apify_proxy_EaAFg6CFhc4eKk54Q1HbGDEiUTrk480uZv03@proxy.apify.com:8000

Note: It's important to setup proxy to avoid getting blocked by DubiCars.com. I am currently using PacketStream for my other scrapers, and would recommend it for their pricing and quality is quite good. Use my link for both to get bonus https://packetstream.io/?psr=5xWZ


Here is output sample for cars:

2	"external_url": "https://www.dubicars.com/2023-ford-raptor-r-performance-4x4-local-registration-10-654152.html",
3	"updated_at": "24 Jun, 2024",
4	"title": "Ford Raptor R Performance 4x4. Local Registration +10%",
5	"name": "[Ford Raptor]",
6	"current_km": "70",
7	"price": "541000",
8	"currency": "AED",
9	"description": " 2023 Ford F-150 Raptor. BRAND NEW.\nCanadian Specs\n5.2L supercharged 8 Cylinder, 4WD\nExterior Color: Red, Interior: Black\nFeatures!\nApple CarPlay, Back-Up Camera, Back-Up Sensor\nBluetooth Connection, Climate Control\nHeated Front Seat(s), Heated Rear Seat(s)\nNavigation System, Panoramic Vista Roof\nRemote Engine Start, Running Boards/Side Steps\nSafety..\n4-Wheel Disc Brakes, ABS, Adjustable Pedals\nBlind Spot Monitor, Brake Assist, Child Safety Locks\nDaytime Running Lights, Driver Air Bag\nFront Head Air Bag, Front Side Air Bag\nIntegrated Turn Signal Mirrors, Lane Departure Warning, Lane Keeping Assist\nPassenger Air Bag, Passenger Air Bag Sensor\nRear Head Air Bag, Stability Control\nTow Hooks, Traction Control\n12-inch touchscreen and 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster\nUpdated Sync 4 interface with wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay\n*One of the standout features of the 2024 F-150 Raptor is its impressive suspension system, specially tuned for off-road adventures.\nFor more information kindly contact us!\nLandline: \n",
10	"type": [
11		"Product",
12		"Car"
13	],
14	"brand": "Ford",
15	"model": "[Raptor]",
16	"item_condition": "NewCondition",
17	"manufacturer": "Ford",
18	"vehicle_id": "DUBICARS000654152",
19	"seats": "5",
20	"doors": "4",
21	"wheels": "17´",
22	"years": "2023",
23	"color": "Red",
24	"interior_color": "Black",
25	"transmission_type": "Automatic",
26	"body_type": "Pick Up Truck",
27	"fuel_type": "Gasoline",
28	"export_status": "Can be exported",
29	"cylinders": "8",
30	"interiors_features": [
31		"Air conditioning",
32		"Climate control",
33		"Cruise control",
34		"Power seats"
35	],
36	"exteriors_features": [
37		"Panoramic Roof",
38		"Fog lights",
39		"Off-road kit",
40		"Off-road tyres"
41	],
42	"safety_features": [
43		"4WD",
44		"ABS",
45		"Airbags (front and side)",
46		"Adaptive cruise control",
47		"Parking assist",
48		"Traction Control"
49	],
50	"infotainment_features": [
51		"Apple Car Play",
52		"Bluetooth system"
53	],
54	"convenience_features": [
55		"Parking sensor rear",
56		"Power locks",
57		"Power Windows",
58		"Rear Camera",
59		"360 Degree camera"
60	],
61	"dealer": {
62		"name": "Dresden Used Cars",
63		"url": "https://www.dubicars.com/dealers/dubai-dresden-used-cars-1564",
64		"phone_numbers": [
65			"97145869523"
66		],
67		"whatsapp": "971523064900"
68	}

Delisting ads

This feature requires to run full scraped. If the ads don't appear in the last full scraped run, then those ads have been delisted.

Note: This full run will be cost consuming, so you'll need to well-scheduled based on your need.


If this ready made scraper does not match your need (input, output, pricing) or you get any issue or you need to scrape other websites, please contact us at: realspidery@gmail.com X: realspidery

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