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The LinkedIn Company Profile Scraper is a powerful and efficient tool designed to extract valuable information from LinkedIn company profiles with ease. Whether you're a market researcher, sales professional, or just curious about a company's background.

Linkedin Company Profile Scraper

What is Linkedin Company Profile Scraper?

Linkedin Company Profile Scraper autmates data extraction process for Linkedin Company data. Just add urls of linkedin pages and get all the publicle available data.

Why use Linkedin Company Profile Scraper?

It provides valuable data, but that you can derive valubale insights.

How it works

  • The crawler starts with URLs provided from the input urls field defined by the input schema.
  • The crawler uses requestHandler for each URL to extract the data from the page.

Sample output

Here is the sample output of this actor:

{ "company_name": "Apify", "universal_name_id": "apifytech", "background_cover_image_url": "", "linkedin_internal_id": "", "industry": "IT Services and IT Consulting", "location": "Praha, HlavnΓ­ mΔ›sto Praha", "follower_count": "4,289", "tagline": "On a mission to make the web more open and programmable.", "company_size_on_linkedin": 83, "about": "Apify is a web scraping and automation platform that lets you extract data from websites, process data and automate workflows on the web. \n\nTurn any website into an API!", "website": "", "industries": "IT Services and IT Consulting", "company_size": "51-200 employees", "headquarters": "Praha, HlavnΓ­ mΔ›sto Praha", "type": "Privately Held", "founded": "2015", "specialties": "", "locations": [ { "is_hq": true, "office_address_line_1": "Stepanska 704/61", "office_address_line_2": "Praha, HlavnΓ­ mΔ›sto Praha 11100, CZ", "office_location_link": "" } ], "employees": [ { "employee_photo": "", "employee_name": "Jan Čurn", "employee_position": "CEO of Apify, a leading platform for web scraping and data for AI.", "employee_profile_url": "" }, { "employee_photo": "", "employee_name": "Jakub Balada", "employee_position": "Co-founder at Apify", "employee_profile_url": "" }, { "employee_photo": "", "employee_name": "Alexey Udovydchenko", "employee_position": "Apify Marketplace Developer at Apify", "employee_profile_url": "" }, { "employee_photo": "", "employee_name": "Martin AdΓ‘mek", "employee_position": "TypeScript all the way! Full stack developer with focus on backend, architecture and scalability. Author of MikroORM, the TypeScript ORM for Node.js.", "employee_profile_url": "" } ], "updates": [ { "text": "Data is the fuel for AI πŸ”₯ And what is the largest open source of data ever created?\n\nThe web! 🌐\n\nApify gives you access to an endless pool of data from the web to power your #AI and large language models (#LLMs) such as #ChatGPT πŸ€–\n\nLearn how Apify can help you harness data from the web and explore AI-related data extractors available on Apify Store πŸ›οΈ \n\nπŸ”—", "articlePostedDate": "4mo", "totalLikes": "14" }, { "text": "Exciting developments in the world of Artificial Intelligence and copyright law! πŸ€–\n\nCheck out our blog post that explores the legal and ethical questions surrounding AI-generated content and #copyright protection βš–οΈ\n\nCan #AI creations be copyrighted? Can copyrighted content be used to train AI? What's to come in the future? πŸ€”\n\nFind out here πŸ‘‡\n\nπŸ”—", "articlePostedDate": "2d", "totalLikes": "3" }, { "text": "Use our Actor templates to simplify building your own Apify Actors πŸ› οΈ\n\nApify's Web IDE offers everything you need for setting up an #automation project πŸ€– And, with our updated templates, building your own Actor just got a whole lot easier! πŸš€\n\nWatch our new YouTube #tutorial and see where to find these templates to set up a simple #webscraping tool and run it - all within Apify Console πŸ‘‡\n\nπŸ”—", "articlePostedDate": "3d", "totalLikes": "5" }, { "text": "Check out our new blog post on capturing screenshots and generating PDFs automatically using #Puppeteer πŸ€–\n\nThis is a valuable skill for developers, whether you're #webscraping, making reports, #testing, monitoring content, or archiving web pages 🌐\n\nRead the full article hereπŸ‘‡ \n\nπŸ”—", "articlePostedDate": "4d", "totalLikes": "3" }, { "text": "Duplicate data can cause you a lot of problems, but we have a solution using Apify Actors! βš™οΈ\n\nIn this post, we walk you through the process of deduplicating #data using tools from Apify Store in just 4 easy steps βœ…\n\nRead the full tutorial here πŸ‘‡\n\nπŸ”—", "articlePostedDate": "5d", "totalLikes": "4" }, { "text": "Web scraping plays a crucial role in extracting valuable data from websites 🌐 If you're new to the topic, this post is where you should get started πŸ‘‡\n\nRead our updated introduction to #webscraping, how it works, and why it's so important ❗️ \n\nBy the end, you'll master all the basic definitions and will be able to answer the most commonly asked questions in the field 🧠\n\nπŸ”—", "articlePostedDate": "6d", "totalLikes": "1" }, { "text": "Explore how to use the GitHub API with #Python in this detailed guide 🐍\n\nLearn how to automate tasks, manage repositories, and directly interact with GitHub's #API from your Python code πŸ§‘πŸ’»\n\nRead now on the Apify Blog πŸ‘‡\n\nπŸ”—", "articlePostedDate": "1w", "totalLikes": "6" }, { "text": "What are the 6 things you should know before scraping a website? πŸ€”\n\n1️⃣ Every website is different\n2️⃣ Websites change without asking\n3️⃣ Small changes in web scraper specifications can cause dramatic changes in cost\n4️⃣ There are legal limits to what you can scrape\n5️⃣ Start with a proof of concept for your web scraper\n6️⃣ Prepare for turning data into insights\n\nLearn more about the individual points in our new blog post that talks about expectations clashing with reality when building or investing in web scraping tools πŸ’Έ\n\nRead the piece at the link below πŸ‘‡\n\nπŸ”—", "articlePostedDate": "1w", "totalLikes": "4" }, { "text": "One small step for humankind, one giant leap for Apify CLI on Mac πŸš€\n\nOur command-line client can now be installed simply using:\n\nπŸ‘‰ brew install apify-cli πŸ‘ˆ\n\ninstead of the old uncool way:\n\nbrew install apify/tap/apify-cli", "articlePostedDate": "1w", "totalLikes": "15" }, { "text": "Introducing Beautiful Soup Scraper! πŸ₯£\n\nLearn how to operate the new Python-powered scraper that uses the Beautiful Soup library to parse HTML pages 🐍 \n\nYou can get your data directly via Apify's web UI, with our Python client, or using Apify CLI πŸ§‘πŸ’»\n\nSo go ahead and watch our new YouTube video and let Theo guide you through the Actor's essential features πŸ‘‡\n\nπŸ”—", "articlePostedDate": "1w", "totalLikes": "7" } ], "similar_companies": [ { "link": "", "name": "APIfy", "summary": "IT Services and IT Consulting", "location": "Vancouver, BC" }, { "link": "", "name": "Agilelan Limited", "summary": "Software Development", "location": "" }, { "link": "", "name": "Rossum", "summary": "Software Development", "location": "" }, { "link": "", "name": "Zyte", "summary": "IT Services and IT Consulting", "location": "Ballincollig, Cork" }, { "link": "", "name": "TexAu ⚑", "summary": "Software Development", "location": "Sheridan, Wyoming" }, { "link": "", "name": "Cargo (YC S23)", "summary": "Software Development", "location": "San Francisco, California" }, { "link": "", "name": "Humantic AI", "summary": "Software Development", "location": "Palo Alto, California" }, { "link": "", "name": "Clay", "summary": "Software Development", "location": "Brooklyn, NY" }, { "link": "", "name": "IP Fabric", "summary": "Software Development", "location": "New York, NY" }, { "link": "", "name": "Octoparse - Octopus Data Inc.", "summary": "IT Services and IT Consulting", "location": "Walnut, CA" } ], "affiliated_companies": [] }