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Avis Verifier scraper

Avis Verifier scraper

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1 day trial then $20.00/month - No credit card required now

Allows you to automate data extraction from www.avis-verifies.com Get companies personnal infos and reviews scores

Get company infos, the average review score and the numbers of reviews from a list of company domains name ex: google.com, youtube.com etc ..


  • domain : list OR string (csv format) ex: ['youtube.com', 'google.com', 'apple.com'] OR "youtube.com,google.com,apple.com"

One of the 2 types is needed.

  • proxies : object not mandatory but recommended if high volume


returns a list of company with the total ad posts (and soon more to come) each object in the list contains the following data and type

All variables are strings:

  • lifetime_starting_date
  • lifetime_reviews
  • phone (if available)
  • email (if available)
  • website : string (company domain name)
  • score : string (avis verifier score)
  • total_reviews : string (avis verifier reviews number)
  • 5_stars
  • 4_stars
  • 3_stars
  • 2_stars
  • 1_stars
  • company
  • streetAddress
  • postalCode
  • city
  • category
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