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Gmail inbox contact scraper
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Gmail inbox contact scraper

Gmail inbox contact scraper

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Pay $7.00 for 1,000 results

Extract the email address of contacts you exchanges mails with. Perfect for sales teams that are not using CRM You can target specific inbox name like Sent, Inbox, Spam, Trash ...

Select action


List your mailbox names OR select a mailbox to extract emails

Value options:

"emails": string"mailboxes": string

Default value of this property is "mailboxes"

Google Email account


Google email only (for other providers like microsoft, please create an issue to request the add)

App Password from inbox


Sort from newest


if selected, extract from newest to oldest

Default value of this property is true

Inbox name


Here is some GMAIL exemples (starting " and ending, are part of the name): "[Gmail]/Spam" , "INBOX"

Max number email scraped


Limit your extraction list, 0 will have no limit

Default value of this property is 0

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