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Instagram Like & Comments Scraper
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Instagram Like & Comments Scraper

Instagram Like & Comments Scraper

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2 hours trial then $25.00/month - No credit card required now

List all your followers likes and comments on your posts for data analysis. You can also list likes from a posts you are not the owner, instagram limit of 100 likers per post You can narrow down, who is engaging and who might be a bot, dragging down your reach/engagement. Boost your instagram posts

Instagram List who liked / commented My Posts Or someone else Posts

Aggregate all likes and comments from your posts. You can get the list of likes from someone else instagram Post (instagram limit is 100 per posts if you are not the owner) Helps you get insight on who interacted on your posts and decide if those that didn't are bots and should be removed to boost reach and engagement on your instagram posts

to remove a list of followers, check our apify actor here : Help you to boost reach and engagements on your instagram posts by removing bot accounts and not active followers


  • cookies: a list of cookies exported to your clipboard with the chrome extension "EditThisCookie" from your session on (check section "How to EditThisCookie")


"Likes from someone else Post": mandatory input: cookies, List of Urls From someone else Posts

"Who Liked/Commented My Posts": mandatory input: cookies, Posts limit

Data Extracted

instagram idusername
fullnameverification status
profile pic urlnumber of likes on your posts per users
number of comments on your posts per users

Output sample

2    {
3        "id": str, 
4        "full_name": str, 
5        "username": str,
6        "is_verified": boolean,
7        "profile_pic_url": str,
8        "nb_likes": int,
9        "nb_comments": int,
10    },
11    {
12        "id": str, 
13        "full_name": str, 
14        "username": str,
15        "is_verified": boolean,
16        "profile_pic_url": str,
17        "nb_likes": int,
18        "nb_comments": int,
19    },
20    ...

How to EditThisCookie

  • install EditThisCookie chrome extension
  • login to your account and go to your linkedin feed page
  • Use the extension and click "export"
  • Paste the cookies in the input "cookies" from the actor

The apify documentation has a tutorial on how to do it with screenshots, go to the export your cookies section

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