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Linkedin Company Ads

Linkedin Company Ads

Try for free

3 days trial then $20.00/month - No credit card required now

The linkedin company ads scraper will help you extract all metadata about every ads a company is running on linkedin For each ads, you have access to the number of likes, comments, shares and more Check our documentation. Enjoy ! and we take any feedback

Linkedin ad posts

This actor is the first version allowing you to get the number of ad posts from a company linkedin url ex:

Enables you to keep track of the numbers of ad posts created. Find if a company uses promoted posts.

Env variable

your apify token needs to be added in the environment variables as APIFY_TOKEN


  • cookies: a list of cookies exported to your clipboard with the chrome extension "EditThisCookie" from your session on

  • companies: A list of companies


returns a list of company with the ads and their metadata (likes, comments, shares, content ...)

How to extract header from your browser

  • install EditThisCookie chrome extension
  • login to your account and go to your linkedin feed page
  • Use the extension and click "export"
  • Paste the cookies in the input "cookies" from the actor

The apify documentation has a tutorial on how to do it with screenshots, go to the export your cookies section

TO BE ADDED on future versions

  1. login linkedin (instead of session cookie in input)
  2. detailed infos on recent promoted posts (expiration date, campaign name, tools used etc)
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