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Scrape everything on from category products, product urls, and even search results. scraper

This scraper provides a way to crawl all products from, either by providing category url, product url, or even search a keyword and get all products related to that keyword.


  • Fetch products from category all pages (id, price, category, ratings, image, ...)
  • Fetch products from product urls
  • Fetch products from a search query

Input Parameters

The input of this scraper should be as follows:

** Start urls **

  • URL should be either the link of a category or the link of a product, examples:

** Page limit **

  • (Optional) If you don't want to scrape all pages, you can specify the maximum pages to scrape per category

** Search keywords **

  • (Optional) You can scrape products related to specific keywords

** Crawl Type **

The are two modes to scrape:

  • Quick: will get products from category or search without getting inside the product page, this way is faster and use way less requests, but you won't get all information (such as description, images, and loves_count)

  • Full: will go inside each product page, and get all information available, this is slight slower when there is lot of products.

Output example

** Category/Search **

2    "id": "P501297",
3    "detail_link": "",
4    "rating": "4.81",
5    "name": "01 \"Taunt\" Massage Candle",
6    "quantity_rating": "21",
7    "brand": "DedCool",
8    "price": "$74.25",
9    "image": "",
10    "keyword": "candle"
11  }

** Product Page **

2    "id": "P507645",
3    "detail_link": "",
4    "rating": "4.97",
5    "name": "Metallic Glow Mini Tin Candle Trio",
6    "quantity_rating": 32,
7    "brand": "VOLUSPA",
8    "category": [
9      "Fragrance",
10      "Candles & Home Scents",
11      "Candles"
12    ],
13    "price": "$30.00",
14    "image": "",
15    "description": "Burn Time: 25 hours each Fragrance Description: Get into the holiday spirit with Voluspa鈥檚 Metallic Glow Mini Tin Trio Set, featuring three delightful scents: Sparkling Cuv茅e, Noble Fir Garland, and Cinnamon Woods. This set is perfect for creating a warm and festive ambiance in your home or gifting to a loved one. About the Candles: The Japonica Collection is characterized by distinctive packaging featuring luxe textures, embossed glass and brilliant color patterns with a metallic overlay. All details are inspired by the fine art of Chiyogami Japanese papermaking. Need a stocking stuffer or small gift? Break the Metallic Glow sets apart and start stuffing.",
16    "loves_count": 1292,
17    "keyword": null
18  }
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