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Realtor Agents Scraper Pro

Realtor Agents Scraper Pro

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2 hours trial then $15.50/month - No credit card required now

Our Realtor scraper Pro tool helps overcome data retrieval challenges from Realtor, which lacks an API. Benefit from a range of features for your real estate business. Agent details: You can easily scrape details on agent profiles, such as contact information, recent listings, and client reviews.

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Scraping doesnt get all data needed


admirable_antler opened this issue
10 days ago


I encountered 2 problems today while using Realtor Agents Scraper Pro Actor.

  1. Usually when scraping data I can select "Name, Phones, Web_url, and Office" as list of needed details. However upon using it today, Name is no longer there, however there is an option to use "person_name" as replacement. But when selecting "web_url" (this data shows the realtors online profile link), it is not there. I cannot select it and that data is needed on our part in verifying realtors.

  2. Upon continuous use (absence of web_url), the actor suddenly shows message saying that the "Actor failed", I tried it again but it shows error for multiple times. I can no longer use this actor as of this moment.

I will attach here the video link showing these two problems I encountered today while using this actor. I look forward to receiving a response on your part. Thank you so much!


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