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Trustpilot Reviews Scraper

Trustpilot Reviews Scraper

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7 days trial then $5.00/month - No credit card required now

Effortlessly retrieve information from numerous Trustpilot reviews across one or several Trustpilot business pages. Obtain review content, publication date, review URL, rating, and fundamental reviewer details. You can conveniently download this data in formats such as JSON, CSV, and Excel.

Trustpilot Reviews Scraper

Trustpilot Reviews Scraper is a web scraping tool designed to help you gather business reviews from Trustpilot using business URLs.

To use it, simply insert the URL of an Trustpilot business into the business URLs input field, initiate the scraper, and then retrieve the data from the output tab. You have the option to specify the maximum number of reviews you wish to extract, which can help shorten the scraping process. If you prefer to scrape all available reviews, just leave the 'Max Reviews' & 'language' field empty

What will be the expense for scraping Trustpilot Reviews?

When dealing with scraping tasks, gauging the necessary resources for data extraction can pose difficulties since use cases can diverge significantly. Therefore, the optimal approach is to conduct a trial scrape using a small portion of input data and restricting the output. This way, you can determine your cost per scrape, which you can subsequently multiply by the number of scrapes you plan to execute.

View this video for some valuable tips, and remember that opting for a higher-tier plan will lead to long-term cost savings.


To utilize the Trustpilot Reviews Scraper, you should provide the URLs of the Trustpilot business from which you wish to extract reviews. Please be aware that not all public pages feature reviews. For a comprehensive description of the input format in JSON, click on the input tab.

2  "proxy": {
3    "useApifyProxy": true,
4    "apifyProxyGroups": [
6    ]
7  },
8  "maxReviews": 20,
9  "businessUrls": [
10    {
11      "url": ""
12    }
13  ],

Output sample

The outcomes will be encapsulated within a dataset, conveniently accessible in the Storage tab. Below is a snippet from the dataset you will obtain when applying the provided input parameters:

2  "identifyingName": "",
3  "businessUnitId": "6076096af9f4d70001dd4f7c",
4  "businessUnitName": "Besch眉tzerbox",
5  "businessUnitWebsiteUrl": "",
6  "businessUnitWebsiteTitle": "",
7  "averageScore": 3.7,
8  "totalReviews": 1,
9  "reviewId": "63bd8c3b2338b6d417b5944c",
10  "reviewText": "Nice product & support. Thanks!",
11  "reviewScore": 5,
12  "reviewTitle": "Satisfied",
13  "reviewDate": "2023-01-10T18:03:07.000Z",
14  "reviewLanguage": "en",
15  "reviewUrl": ""

Our Trustpilot Reviews Scraper operates ethically and refrains from collecting private user information, such as email addresses or locations. It exclusively gathers publicly shared data chosen by the user. Nevertheless, it's essential to exercise caution, as your results may inadvertently include personal information. Only engage in scraping personal data if you possess a valid and lawful justification.

If you're uncertain about the legitimacy of your purpose, it's advisable to seek guidance from legal professionals.

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