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Scrape and extract products data.

What does Scraper do?

Using this tool, you can extract a list of all products from site in a structured form, including product title, price, description, image urls etc. Download your data as JSON

Input Parameters

This actor will need only two settings from you - a link and a proxy(optional):

  • startUrls (required): List of Request objects, specifying the search queries you want to scrape. The URL can be any product listing page on

  • proxyConfiguration (optional): To avoid getting blocked, it is recommended to use Proxy servers, either your own proxy servers or Apify Proxy. The default value is { "useApifyProxy": false }

Output Example

The structure of each item in kijiji products looks like this:

2"pid": "1661103367", 
3"url": "", 
4"title": "Aerials, Cables, Adapters for Monitors and Smart, LCD or Old TVs", 
5"price": "$4.98", 
6"category": ["Home", "Buy & Sell", "TVs & Video", "TVs in Edmonton"],
7"description": ["Tiny Store - BIG SELECTION and NO GST. ➤ Shop in person only for Great Deals. Please read the Ad and see all the pictures for details. Ad's up they're available★Kijiji is Not monitored 1) Queen Mary's Market 12011-120 St., Edm., NW. Visit Section \"K\" beside the \"Elvis Booth\". See the Map and use Rear Entrance 5. We stock Cables and Accessories for: Blu-Ray, DVD, VHS, Home Phone, Cell Phone, Cassette Tape, CD, Desktops, Laptops, Lamps and more, plus Universal Power. 2) Free Over-the-Air HDTV - better than Cable. This Aerial is perfect for use in a RV, Camper or small room. It delivers a high quality progressive scan picture from a HD source up to 1080p. It is great for a Kitchen, Camper, Cottage, Bedroom, or Trailer. This flat-panel delivers a sharp, crisp picture, and great reception of DTV digital TV signals, for only $12. 3) A/ V Cables for use with TVs from 4.98 ◆ 3.5mm AUX cord 4.98 ◆VGA Cable from $8 ◆ HDMI Cables from 9.98 b) See picture number ( 3 ) for TV connections c) 3.5mm to RCA Red-White-Yellow 9.98 each. ◆ Composite Video + Audio Red & White 4.98 ◆ S-Video Cables 2.00 each Also Available - not pictured ◆ DVI >HDMI Adapter 4.98◆ HDMI Dongle $2 ◆ Coaxial TV Cable or Monster Component Video cable 9.98 4) Mix / Match 3 items Reg. to $8 each for $20 AV Cables and Adapters use for Game Console, DVR, VCR, Media Player, and more from $5 ea. RCA Audio Left and Right ( White and Red ) $5 ◆ Coaxial Digital Audio Cable from 4.98 each. ◆ Philips Optical Audio Cable 9.98 each. 5) R-G-B Video Cord $8, TV Cable Union $2 ea. b) DVI to HDMI Adapter Cable $18 c) RCA and 3.5mm Adapters 2.98 each◆3.5mm AUX extension 7.99 ◆ D-Type Power Cable $5 See my other Ads:"], 
8"address": "Edmonton, AB T5J 2Y7",
9"member_since": "October 06 2012", 
10"seller_name": "HouseCalls Computer Service", 
11"image_urls": [

Using Kijiji Scraper with the Apify API

The Apify API gives you programmatic access to the Apify platform. The API is organized around RESTful HTTP endpoints that enable you to manage, schedule, and run Apify actors. The API also lets you access any datasets, monitor actor performance, fetch results, create and update versions, and more.

To access the API using Node.js, use the apify-client NPM package. To access the API using Python, use the apify-client PyPI package.

Check out the Apify API reference docs for full details.

Giving feedback

If you have any feature requests or bug reports, please create an issue on the Issues page.

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