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Image Background Remover - Keamind
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Image Background Remover - Keamind

Image Background Remover - Keamind

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Pay $50.00 for 1,000 results

Remove image backgrounds instantly! Our tool uses AI to cut out objects & create transparent PNGs within a few seconds. Easy to use.

Keamind Background Remover - Remove Background of Your Images in a Flash

This Apify actor takes your images and removes unwanted backgrounds, leaving you with perfectly isolated subjects.

Ideal for:

  • E-commerce product photos
  • Creating social media graphics
  • Removing distractions from screenshots
  • Isolating objects for design projects

Effortless Background Removal:

This actor supports both image URLs and Base64 encoded image strings :

  1. images key: Provide a list of image URLs OR Base64 encoded image strings you want the background removed from.

Seamless Integration:

  • Built for smooth operation within the Apify platform.
  • Simple and clear input structure for efficient background removal.

Get Started Today!

  1. Deploy this actor to your Apify account.
  2. Run the actor and watch your images transformed with clean, professional backgrounds! Example Usage:

JSON request

2  "images": [
3    "",
4    "",
5    "your_base64_encoded_image_1",
6    "your_base64_encoded_image_2"
7  ]

Saves PNG foreground images in your default key-value storage with timestamps.

Let your creativity shine with perfectly isolated images. Deploy this Apify actor now!

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