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Wiggle (wiggle.com) scraper
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This Actor is unavailable because the developer has decided to deprecate it. Would you like to try a similar Actor instead?

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Wiggle (wiggle.com) scraper

Wiggle (wiggle.com) scraper


Scrapes products titles, prices, images and availability. Does NOT scrape product details.


Original price is calculated from current price and discount percentage, so it might be inaccurate. Original price is not present on the listing page.
Only works with USD currency at the moment.
Price and availability differs a lot on specific product variant – that is not handled by the scraper at the moment. Lowest price, and highest discount are scraped.

Output example

  • itemId string
  • itemName string
  • itemUrl string
  • img string
  • inStock boolean
  • currentPrice number
  • originalPrice number
  • currency string
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