Scaling up AI-powered content agency with data extraction

Case study

Industry: Software Marketing

Service: Content analysis and optimization through NLP algorithms

Country: US/Canada

Number of employees: 200+

Type of service: started with a free plan, then built their own Actors

Status: satisfied with our collaboration, want to keep growing

Scaling up AI-powered content agency with data extraction

The client in question is a B2B content analysis agency with 200+ clients all over the world - most of them enterprise customers. Our client's solution is aimed at businesses who want to analyze user engagement on their websites. After the user behavior analysis, their mission is also to figure out an algorithm to further recommend accurate, customized content of interest to these website visitors. Microsoft, Oracle, and Nokia are among their biggest customers.

Our new customer discovered Apify through a reference, followed by a regular Google search and a signup for a free account. After trying Apify’s platform, this company subscribed and liked our collaboration to the extent that they’ve increased their usage levels exponentially, and are planning to extend our cooperation with some exciting new projects.

Challenge: smooth data scraping and integration

Accurate data is key for our customer's line of business – it’s the cornerstone on which the success of their solution is built. The challenge before using Apify’s platform was to get data from their customers’ websites fast – thousands of web pages – and to be able to effortlessly integrate scraped results into the database. A smooth workflow like this would enable them to improve their understanding of the user behavior and bring maximum customer success to their work. Apify turned out to be the perfect solution to help this company advance their data extraction and scale up their analysis processes.

Solution and journey of using Apify’s product

It might come as a surprise, but their workflow with Apify APIs starts quite like any other user on the platform: choose a URL, edit the input parameters, run a task. Once all the necessary data is scraped, it gets effortlessly integrated into their content intelligence NoSQL database. The last and the best bit is that Apify APIs didn’t require any additional work to perform data integration.

The features that turned out to be the most useful for our client's work are the webhooks that send the data over to the database. Eventually, they started needing more data than the free plan was able to provide and since their experience was positive, the company upgraded to a more advanced subscription plan. One challenge the team ran into was running concurrent requests, since at times, it was necessary to pause a running request and give priority to a different project. And this important bit was not that easy to implement until the recent release of the graceful abort feature. Overall, our client's usage of and interest in the Apify platform has been growing over time. We’re now looking forward to a new level of cooperation, including developing a custom solution as well as new ways to help them scrape the web and amplify their content analysis services.

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“Apify is a key critical component of our product. Their solution fit just right with our workflow, enabling us to provide better service for our customers. The best way to reach Apify is to use their chat”

CTO of the company

New customer, 2021

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