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Scrape whole cities or extract data from hundreds of Airbnb rentals in seconds. Extract host information, addresses, locations, prices, availability, stars, reviews, images, and host/guest details for free. Download scraped data in various formats including HTML, JSON and Excel.

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jurny opened this issue
2 months ago

Hey all,

I'm sorry to stir the pot, but let's call it what it is - this service has been disappointingly poor. We've had a critical issue with startUrls queries going unresolved for over a month now. We're not talking about a minor inconvenience; this is a deal-breaker that's putting our product and reputation on the line.

It's baffling and frankly unacceptable that despite being paying customers and relying on what we assumed was a reliable service, our reported issues seem to vanish into thin air. The maintenance team's silence is deafening. It's clear customer support isn't on the priority list here.

I had high hopes for relying on this service, but the negligence we're experiencing is a loud and clear message about how much our issues really matter to the team behind it. What does it take to get some actual support around here?

Unimpressed and seriously reconsidering our options.

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I have taken the actor over, can you please give me a list of issues you have and i will see what we can do

Thank you

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