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Bulk Image Downloader

Bulk Image Downloader

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Pay $2.50 for 1,000 images

Download all images from a website with this easy-to-use Bulk Image Downloader. Scrape all images from any website by URL to a zip file with a single click.

Image Scraper

A simple scraper that scrapes all images from a website, archives them to a zip file, and then pushes a download link to the dataset.

Use Cases

You can use this scraper in order to download images from a certain website - useful for tracking blog posts, new posts, etc..


The actor only needs to know which websites to get images from, and which proxies to use. You can specify multiple websites to get multiple results on one run.


The actor stores its result in the default dataset associated with the actor run. It can be then exported to various formats, such as JSON, XML, CSV or Excel.

Each website in the dataset will contain a seperate object that follows this format (JSON is used below):

2  "url": "https://apify.com",
3  "urlHash": "d0734ca443cdd7bb52b219011c750508",
4  "download": "https://api.apify.com/v2/key-value-stores/e4QDEvYo5hNPCZeJr/records/d0734ca443cdd7bb52b219011c750508.zip"
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  • Created in May 2022
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