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Notion Automatic Backup


Create and schedule automatic Notion backups. This Notion backup tool logs into your Notion account and generates a zip file with all your valuable data.

Free trial for 7 days

Then $25/month

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Notion Automatic Backup

Free trial for 7 days

Then $25/month

What does Notion Automatic Backup do?

This tool downloads a backup with all the notes and data from your Notion account.

Why use the Notion Automatic Backup actor?

Automatically downloading a backup of your data from Notion means never losing your data, and always having access to it, even offline. If you are ever out of an internet connection, you can still have access to your data on your device.

And if you ever delete a page - or even an account - by mistake or want to go back to an older version of a page without losing the progress you have made, you can simply access an older backup from your device.

How much will it cost me to generate a Notion Automatic Backup?

The cost of running this actor depends on the number of Notion pages you need to back up. Approximately, you can estimate backing up around 100k pages per month with the Apify Free plan. If you need to back up more pages, consider upgrading to the Team plan, which will allow you to back up around 25 million pages.

How to use the Notion Automatic Backup actor?

Just follow these few steps, and you'll get your data in a few minutes.

  1. Go to the actor page on Apify Store and click the Try for free button.

  2. Fill in the input fields. The most important ones are the username and password of your Notion account, so the actor can access it to carry out the backup. The other fields are optional.

  3. Click Start. Once the status switches to Succeeded, your Notion backup will be stored in the default key-value storage. Preview or download your data from the Dataset tab.

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