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Example of Python Scrapy project. It scrapes book data from

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Works perfectly in CLI :-), but not in Apify console :-(... ?!?


GC7 (GC7) opened this issue
a month ago

Hello, everyone! I am currently following the tutorial:

And at this part, dealing with the deployment of ‘booksscraper’: 05:33 Demo: building an Actor using templates and tools

I observe the following problem: It works perfectly in CLI, but bugs as an Actor in the Apify console…

Yet, I do get: Succeeded Success! Everything went according to plan.

While the log file shows:

Of course, no result...

Would you have any idea?

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Hi, on the screenshot there is only a part of the log, I don't even see the whole traceback. Could you please provide the entire traceback and your source code and Actor configuration? As a text (not a screenshot) please, so I can reproduce it. Thanks.

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GC7 (GC7)

a month ago

Hi, Vlada.

First, thanks for your quick answer.

And of course, here the full log:

And the .actor/actor.json:

2    "actorSpecification": 1,
3    "name": "booksscraper",
4    "title": "Getting started with Python and Scrapy",
5    "description": "Python Scrapy project wrapped using the Apify CLI.",
6    "version": "0.0",
7    "meta": {
8        "templateId": "python-scrapy"
9    },
10    "input": "./input_schema.json",
11    "dockerfile": "./Dockerfile"

Note I think I have correctly followed the process as video in youtube...

To soon

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Oh, I see the problem :).

builtins.NameError: Module 'apify.scrapy.middlewares' doesn't define any object named 'ApifyRetryMiddleware'

A custom ApifyRetryMiddleware is not needed anymore and was removed in the later versions of SDK.

So, you should just remove it from your file - I suppose you referencing it there.

You can also compare your (settings) code with our reference scrapy project ->

Hope it helps!

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