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Scraper Api

Scraper Api

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Pay $0.10 for 1,000 results

This api allows you to scrape sites such as websites with rate limits, websites with protection such as Cloudflare. It is cheap and fast. It uses trusted proxies and works for most sites. The ip address used is not used again, a reliable ip is used for each request.

Scraper API Documentation

This api scrapes the website you send the link to and presents you with the result. It solves problems such as Cloudflare, private wafers, rate limit blocks to a great extent. If it works on the website you are testing, it always works stably. It is extremely fast and cheap.

Response Codes

If the code variable is 200, the request is successful. If you send an empty url, you will get 200 again. Therefore make sure you send an url. If a response code of 500 is returned, it means there is a server side error.

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