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LinkedIn Profile Engagement Scraper
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LinkedIn Profile Engagement Scraper

LinkedIn Profile Engagement Scraper

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14 days trial then $30.00/month - No credit card required now

A powerful Apify actor to extract post-engagement metrics from LinkedIn profiles. Gather likes, comments, reposts, and more for data-driven insights. Boost your social media strategy today!

LinkedIn Profile Engagement Scraper is an Apify actor that allows you to scrape engagement data for each post from LinkedIn profiles. It provides more comprehensive data than the official API.


  • Scrape engagement data from LinkedIn profiles.
  • No limits on the number of profiles you can scrape.
  • Fast and efficient data retrieval.

Why Scrape LinkedIn Engagement?

LinkedIn has millions of users, making it an invaluable source of data for business, recruiting, and growth strategies. By scraping LinkedIn engagement, you can:

  • Analyze user engagement with posts and content.
  • Identify trends and popular topics in a specific industry or field.
  • Gain insights into user preferences and behaviors.
  • Enhance your marketing strategies with data-driven decisions.

How to use LinkedIn Profile Engagement Scraper?

Scraping LinkedIn Profile Engagement with this actor is a simple process:

  1. Install EditThisCookie chrome extension.
  2. Login to your linkedin account
  3. Click on the extension and export the linkedin cookies (JSON)
  4. Paste the cookies into this actor's cookie input field
  5. Input your LinkedIn profile URL or any LinkedIn profile URL for which you want to scrape engagement data.
  6. Click on "Run."
  7. Once the process is complete, the engagement data will be available for download or further processing.

Note: You must update the cookies every week


The scraped data will be available in a structured format, with engagement metrics for each LinkedIn profile provided.

2    {
3    "url": "",
4    "firstParagraph": "xxx",
5    "fullPost": "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",
6    "date": "3mo",
7    "likes": 139,
8    "comments": 17,
9    "reposts": 7,
10    "impressions": 3793,
11    "containImage": true,
12    "containLinkedinVideo": false,
13    "containExternalVideo": false,
14    "containArticle": false,
15    "containDocs": false
16  },
17  ...

Engagement Metrics Results

Scraping personal data from LinkedIn profiles may be subject to data protection laws and regulations. Ensure that you have a legitimate reason to collect and use this data and comply with relevant laws and policies.

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