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Linkedin post scraper

Linkedin post scraper

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3 days trial then $30.00/month - No credit card required now

Scrape linkedin posts or updates from linkedin post search results. Supports advanced linkedin search filters. Extract posts from any linkedin member


LinkedIn Post Scraper is a powerful Apify actor designed to extract valuable information from LinkedIn posts. Whether you're a data analyst, researcher, or recruiter, this tool can help you gather insights, monitor trends, and collect data for various purposes.


LinkedIn Post Scraper offers a wide range of features to simplify your data extraction needs:

  1. Post Data Extraction: Retrieve detailed information from LinkedIn posts, including text, images, links, and engagement metrics.
  2. Profile Data: Collect data from the profiles of post authors, such as name, job title, and company.
  3. Hashtag Tracking: Monitor posts related to specific hashtags or keywords to stay up-to-date with trends.
  4. Date Range Filtering: Select a custom date range to scrape posts published within a specific time frame.
  5. Export Options: Export scraped data to various formats, including JSON, CSV, or Excel for further analysis.
  6. Proxy Support: Ensure reliable and anonymous scraping by using proxy rotation.

Use Cases

LinkedIn Post Scraper can be a valuable tool for a variety of use cases:

  1. Market Research and Analysis:

    • Keyword Tracking: Keep an eye on posts mentioning specific keywords related to your industry or market segment. Understand market trends, customer sentiment, and emerging topics.
    • Competitor Benchmarking: Compare your company's LinkedIn engagement and content strategies with those of your competitors. Identify gaps and opportunities for improvement.
  2. Recruitment and Talent Acquisition:

    • Candidate Sourcing: Search for potential job candidates by extracting data from posts that include job-seeking or industry-specific keywords. Compile a list of potential hires for your organization.
  3. Content Strategy and Social Media Planning:

    • Content Performance Analysis: Analyze the engagement metrics of posts in your industry to gain insights into what type of content resonates with your target audience.
  4. Lead Generation and Sales Prospecting:

    • Identify Potential Clients: Monitor posts related to industries or niches you target for potential clients. Reach out to companies or individuals who express interest in relevant products or services.
    • Networking Opportunities: Discover individuals who frequently engage with industry-related posts. Build connections with them to expand your network and explore business opportunities.
  5. Competitor Analysis and Market Intelligence:

    • Competitor Content Analysis: Scrutinize your competitors' LinkedIn posts to understand their content strategy, the effectiveness of their messaging, and the engagement they receive.
    • Follower Insights: Gain insights into your competitors' followers by extracting data from user profiles who engage with their posts. Identify potential customers or collaborators.
  6. Academic and Industry Research:

    • Academic Studies: Collect data for academic research or industry-specific studies related to LinkedIn behavior, engagement patterns, or content trends.
    • Data for Reports and Publications: Gather data for reports, publications, or whitepapers that require LinkedIn insights and statistics as part of their research.

By leveraging LinkedIn data scraping, you can optimize your strategies, enhance decision-making processes, and gain a competitive edge in various domains, whether it's in the business, recruitment, content creation, or academic research. This powerful tool empowers you with actionable data derived from LinkedIn's extensive network of professionals and content.

Getting Started

To use the LinkedIn Post Scraper Apify actor, you'll need an Apify account. Follow these steps to get started:

  1. Click on "Try for free" button on top of this page
  2. Go to linkedin posts search page, search with required filters and once you are done, copy the full URL from address bar and pass it to this actor
  3. Configure your scraping settings, including the LinkedIn URL, Cookies, Number of records required, etc.
  4. Start the actor, and it will begin scraping LinkedIn posts according to your specifications.

Sample output

Here is the sample output of this actor:

2    "urn": "urn:li:activity:7156545326797996033",
3    "text": "Hiring!! Hiring!! Hiring!! Hiring!!\n\nWe are looking for Freshers & College Students.\n\nhashtag#LOCATION: WORK FROM HOME(REMOTE WORK)\n\nhashtag#WORKING ROLE : MULTIPLE POSITIONS - Social media optimisation, HR, Team Management, Recruiter, Chat Process, Advertisement, Business Consultant, HR Executive, Copy paste work.\n\nDrop your full name on WhatsApp:- Srishti hr:- 96790 13972\n\n1) Graduates, freshers & Interns -10\n\n2) Undergraduate, job search positions-30\n3) College Student-70\n\n4) 12 Passout Student-80\n\n5) Freshers Candidate-50\n\nDrop your full name on WhatsApp:- Srishti hr:- 9679013972\n\nIncome Potential : 30k to 110K.\nhashtag#Apply Here :- Like the \"POST\" and Comment \"\n\nhashtag#INTERESTED\" I Will Shortlist You Within Next 24Hr.\n\n(Paid 3 days Training Available)\nhashtag#team hashtag#work hashtag#experience hashtag#interview hashtag#leader hashtag#sourcing hashtag#references hashtag#job\nhashtag#database hashtag#freshers hashtag#recruiter hashtag#education hashtag#gujara hashtag#ahmedabad\nhashtag#rajasthan hashtag#linkedin hashtag#businessminded\nhashtag#hyderabadhiring\nhashtag#lucknowjobs hashtag#linkedin hashtag#google\nhashtag#internshipopportunity hashtag#intern2023\nhashtag#digitalmar",
4    "title": "Hiring!! Hiring!! Hiring!! Hiring!!\n\nWe are looking for Freshers & College Students.",
5    "url": "",
6    "timeSincePosted": "1h",
7    "isRepost": null,
8    "likesCount": 23,
9    "commentsCount": 41,
10    "authorType": "Person",
11    "authorProfileUrl": "",
12    "authorProfileId": "ACoAAD7v5B4BgJb3FPrmzTL6dHVNuDmbFezFXGw",
13    "authorHeadline": "17.5k+Helping Hand | Recruitment Specialist/ Business Consultant at Work From Home / Fresher & Student Opportunity",
14    "authorFullName": "Bhanupriya vishwakarma",
15    "image": "",
16    "article": {
17      "type": "FIRST_PARTY",
18      "urn": "urn:li:linkedInArticle:7156545159399145472",
19      "url": "",
20      "title": "Hiring!! Hiring!! Hiring!! Hiring!!\n\nWe are looking for Freshers & College Students.",
21      "description": "Hiring!! Hiring!! Hiring!! Hiring!! We are looking for Freshers & College Students. hashtag#LOCATION: WORK FROM HOME(REMOTE WORK) hashtag#WORKING ROLE",
22      "largeImage": ""
23    },
24    "authorName": "Bhanupriya vishwakarma",
25    "sharesCount": 0,
26    "canReact": true,
27    "canPostComments": true,
28    "canShare": true,
29    "commentingDisabled": false,
30    "allowedCommentersScope": "ALL",
31    "rootShare": true,
32    "shareAudience": "PUBLIC"
33  }


You can use Make to integrate linkedin post extractor to any other SaaS platform by designing your own automation flows.

Linkedin posts search API

The actor stores results in a dataset. You can export data in various formats such as CSV, JSON, XLS, etc. You can scrape and access data on demand using API. For more information, Go to Linkedin post scraper API documentation page

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How to extract posts from a linkedin profile or company

To extract posts from a linkedin profile, you need to pass the list of linkedin profiles to the API in filters.fromMembers field. The values passed to this field can be either linkedin profile URL or ID

Examples for 'From members' filter:

  • (Slower)
  • id:ACoAAAAAYz0BPi_j08rHKytRnfbhBctt_lXvZXc (Faster)

Similarly to extract posts from a company, pass the list of companies to the API in filters.fromCompanies field.

Examples for 'From companies' filter:

  • (Slower)
  • id:1586 (Faster)

When using Ids, you must prefix them with id:.

Providing Ids will avoid scraping profiles, which will make it faster and safer

If the search URL is also provided, this filter will be combined with the search url filters.


  • [] Scrape additional info related to polls, documents, images, videos
  • [] Include information about first few comments and and reactions

Contact me to get above features implemented ASAP


Are there any limitations to the number of posts I can scrape?

The number of posts you can scrape may depend on your Apify subscription plan and LinkedIn's rate limits. Be mindful of these limitations to ensure uninterrupted scraping.

Can I schedule automatic scrapes with LinkedIn Post Scraper?

Yes, you can schedule automatic scrapes using Apify's scheduling features. This allows you to retrieve updated data at specified intervals.

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