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Extract information from boulanlger : simply provide your search URL (+ your filters and location). You will get the results easy, and fast

This actor aims to extract information from Data can be exported to various formats such as JSON or CSV. You have to option to customise the information you want to extract by modifying the javascript function which is executed on each page.

How to Start

1 - Setup

  • On your laptop, simply go to boulanger and make a search, with all the filters you want, and location you want. Dont' forget to launch the search
  • Then copy the URL of first page of search results, and paste it in the start-URL of this Actor. Please add the root url first, so that it mimics the user behaviour, as shown in the image bellow
  • If you encounter issues, set up a french residential proxy. It helps because boulanger bans non-french request from its website. Go to "Advanced Configuration"

2 - Run & Download

  • Click Run

Then wait for the result to appear in the "dataset" section and download them.

Advanced Configuration

  • Function : It's the function extracting the result on each boulanger pages. If the default is not enough for you, just update it using jQuery selectors to fetch other piece of information from boulanger !
  • Avoid anti-bot detection with Proxy : the Proxy option sets proxies to prevent detection by boulnager. Best to have french proxies since boulanger bans foreign IPs. see Apify Proxy for more info
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