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Glassdoor Job Scraper

Glassdoor Job Scraper

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Pay $5.00 for 1,000 results

Scrape Job Listings From Glassdoor

Apify Actor: Glassdoor Job Scraper

This is a web scraper designed to extract job listings from Glassdoor. It provides a convenient way to gather job information from Glassdoor for analysis or other purposes.

Important Note:

Respect Glassdoor terms of service and avoid scraping excessively. This script focuses on public information and functionality might change due to updates in Glassdoor API or structure.


  • Scrapes job listings from Glassdoor based on specified search parameters.
  • Retrieves details such as job title, company, location and company website.

Output example

2    "adOrderId": 1136043,
3    "advertiserType": "GENERAL",
4    "adOrderSponsorshipLevel": "Organic",
5    "ageInDays": 0,
6    "divisionEmployerName": null,
7    "easyApply": false,
8    "employerNameFromSearch": "International Baccalaureate",
9    "goc": "ux designer",
10    "gocConfidence": 0.9,
11    "gocId": 100123,
12    "jobCountryId": 1,
13    "jobLink": "",
14    "jobResultTrackingKey": "5-yul1-0-1hocfrgv9ikr2800-42579b5e070388ca",
15    "jobTitleText": "UX Designer",
16    "locationName": "Washington, DC",
17    "needsCommission": false,
18    "payCurrency": "USD",
19    "payPeriod": "ANNUAL",
20    "payPeriodAdjustedPay": { "p10": 58468, "p50": 74135, "p90": 94000 },
21    "rating": 3.2,
22    "salarySource": "ESTIMATED",
23    "savedJobId": 0,
24    "sponsored": false,
25    "companyDetials": {
26        "id": 226508,
27        "shortName": "International Baccalaureate",
28        "website": "",
29        "type": "Nonprofit Organization",
30        "revenue": "$100 to $500 million (USD)",
31        "headquarters": "Geneva, Switzerland",
32        "size": "501 to 1000 Employees",
33        "stock": null,
34        "squareLogoUrl": "",
35        "primaryIndustry": {
36            "industryId": 200045,
37            "industryName": "Education & Training Services",
38            "sectorId": 10009
39        },
40        "yearFounded": 1968,
41        "overview": {
42            "description": "The International Baccalaureate (IB) believes education is the strongest force for change. A career at the IB is not just a job; it's an opportunity to work with a global industry leader of education services, teaching today's young people to become global citizens and leaders of tomorrow.\n\nBy joining our team, you will have the chance to contribute to our mission and impact global education. In return, you will collaborate with colleagues across the globe to contribute to innovations in education while developing yourself both personally and professionally.\n\nDiscover how you can become part of the IB by browsing our global vacancies.",
43            "mission": "The International Baccalaureate庐 aims to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who help to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect.\n\nTo this end the organization works with schools, governments and international organizations to develop challenging programmes of international education and rigorous assessment.\n\nThese programmes encourage students across the world to become active, compassionate and lifelong learners who understand that other people, with their differences, can also be right."
44        }
45    }
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