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🏯 Tiktok Location Scraper (Pay Per Result)
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Pay $0.10 for 1,000 posts

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🏯 Tiktok Location Scraper (Pay Per Result)

🏯 Tiktok Location Scraper (Pay Per Result)

Try for free

Pay $0.10 for 1,000 posts

Kudos to the exceptional TikTok Location Scraper, the champion in speed, cost-effectiveness, and efficiency for extracting location-based posts from TikTok.com. Retrieve any post that is tagged on any location at a blazing-fast speed! Extremely cheap and perfectly suitable for all needs.

🏯 TikTok Location Scraper: The Eagle Eye on any location at TikTok. 🏯

Kudos to the exceptional TikTok Location Scraper, the champion in speed, cost-effectiveness, and efficiency for extracting location-based posts from TikTok.com. Its advanced algorithm enables rapid retrieval of any desired posts or videos from specific locations. Perfect for Lead Generation Experts needing comprehensive TikTok data for lead creation, or Marketing Specialists analyzing trending content, this tool stands out as an essential resource. The best part? Its surprisingly affordable rate – just $0.10 for every 1000 posts, with an impressive scraping speed of 400-600 posts per second!

ℹ️ Disclaimer

We take pride in being specialists in data extraction and are thrilled to present this top-notch data extraction tool. The TikTok Location Scraper places you at the cutting edge of a digital world. We offer superior maintenance and customer support in addition to high-quality data. With this service, we provide essential high value-added data at the lowest price. Experience the power of one of today's leading data extraction tools. You name it, we get it.

🐉 Features and Functionality

  • Instantaneous extraction of posts from any TikTok area.
  • Rapid and efficient TikTok video fetching.
  • Highly customizable setup options.

🎎 Who needs this?

Seamless integration, extraordinary efficiency, ultra cheap prices. TikTok Location Scraper is designed to provide an unmatched experience for a wide range of users:

  • Lead Generators: This tool enables lead generators to gather insights on potential customers' interests and behaviors in different locations, enhancing the effectiveness of targeted lead generation campaigns.
  • Sales People: Sales professionals can use the TikTok Location Scraper to identify popular trends and interests in specific areas, tailoring their sales strategies to local preferences and demands.
  • Researchers: Researchers can use this tool to analyze social trends, public opinions, and cultural phenomena in various locations, enriching their studies with real-time social media data.
  • Marketing Professionals: Marketing experts can leverage this scraper to understand the local cultural nuances and popular content, helping them create more resonant and region-specific marketing campaigns.
  • Brands and Companies: Brands can utilize the TikTok Location Scraper to monitor how their products or services are being perceived and discussed in different regions, aiding in reputation management and market analysis.
  • Trend Tracking for Growth Hackers: Growth hackers can track emerging trends and viral content in specific locations, allowing them to quickly adapt and implement growth strategies that resonate with regional audiences.
  • Influencer Marketing: This tool aids in identifying local influencers and trending topics, enabling more effective and location-targeted influencer marketing strategies.
  • Data Analysts: Data analysts can extract valuable location-based insights from TikTok, providing a rich source of data for in-depth analysis and decision-making processes.
  • Entrepreneurs: Entrepreneurs can use the TikTok Location Scraper to understand the market dynamics and consumer preferences in different areas, helping them make informed decisions about new ventures or market expansions.

🍜 Output Example

2  "id": "7310663737562631457",
3  "title": "#duet with @The Tus HouseThis is strangest #Steak & #Egg I’ve ever seen ! #ramsayreacts #eggcellent ",
4  "views": 2597080,
5  "likes": 200239,
6  "comments": 894,
7  "shares": 493,
8  "bookmarks": 5597,
9  "hashtags": [
10    "duet",
11    "steak",
12    "egg",
13    "ramsayreacts",
14    "eggcellent"
15  ],
16  "channel": {
17    "name": "Gordon Ramsay",
18    "username": "gordonramsayofficial",
19    "id": "6747935906352907269",
20    "url": "https://www.tiktok.com/@gordonramsayofficial",
21    "avatar": "https://p16-amd-va.tiktokcdn.com/img/tos-maliva-avt-0068/7310612651137040390~c5_1080x1080.webp?s=PUBLISH&se=false&sh=&sc=avatar&l=20231213132340783CBD10886B7F0E353D",
22    "verified": false,
23    "followers": 39745807,
24    "following": 513,
25    "videos": 451
26  },
27  "uploadedAt": 1702146548,
28  "uploadedAtFormatted": "2023-12-09T18:29:08.000Z",
29  "video": {
30    "width": 648,
31    "height": 576,
32    "ratio": "540p",
33    "duration": 57.399,
34    "url": "https://v16m.tiktokcdn-us.com/a5b6f0dc57ac9664bb9978f7bed3148b/657a04f6/video/tos/useast2a/tos-useast2a-ve-0068c001-euttp/oAfpjWIHKQeQItGNYE6LPjLIIOGgg6ApdgeOfR/?a=1233&ch=0&cr=13&dr=0&lr=all&cd=0%7C0%7C0%7C&cv=1&br=2384&bt=1192&bti=M0BzMzU8OGYpNzo5Zi5wIzEuLjpkNDQwOg%3D%3D&cs=0&ds=6&ft=_GwagBNXq8ZmoZJfOQ_vj3Ze_HDLrus&mime_type=video_mp4&qs=0&rc=NjY6aDRnOmVoMzo2ODM3OEBpM3loNG05cnVlbzMzZjczM0AuX19hMC8uNmExMl4zMGEuYSNmaC9gMmRrL25gLS1kMWNzcw%3D%3D&l=20231213132340783CBD10886B7F0E353D&btag=e00008000",
35    "cover": "https://p16-sign-useast2a.tiktokcdn.com/tos-useast2a-p-0037-euttp/9c100bb46fdc48d5badd9fef19649e99_1702146550~tplv-tiktokx-logomcc:tos-useast2a-i-0068-euttp/o4xlOdHGAAAlARYBQIFadYPDzfy6PfLEDECDpQ:248:330.jpeg?x-expires=1702558800&x-signature=PUJvwvX6wP7%2BZrYoA4rB53n%2FQ1o%3D&s=PUBLISH&se=true&sh=248_330&sc=cover&l=20231213132340783CBD10886B7F0E353D",
36    "thumbnail": "https://p16-sign-useast2a.tiktokcdn.com/tos-useast2a-p-0037-euttp/9c100bb46fdc48d5badd9fef19649e99_1702146550~tplv-tiktokx-logomcc:tos-useast2a-i-0068-euttp/o4xlOdHGAAAlARYBQIFadYPDzfy6PfLEDECDpQ:248:330.jpeg?x-expires=1702558800&x-signature=PUJvwvX6wP7%2BZrYoA4rB53n%2FQ1o%3D&s=PUBLISH&se=true&sh=248_330&sc=cover&l=20231213132340783CBD10886B7F0E353D"
37  },
38  "song": {
39    "id": 7257270916026191000,
40    "title": "original sound - thetushouse",
41    "artist": "The Tus House",
42    "album": "",
43    "duration": 64,
44    "cover": "https://p19.tiktokcdn-us.com/img/tos-useast5-avt-0068-tx/7311074084039688234~c5_1080x1080.webp?s=PUBLISH&se=false&sh=&sc=avatar&l=20231213132340783CBD10886B7F0E353D"
45  },
46  "postPage": "https://www.tiktok.com/@gordonramsayofficial/video/7310663737562631457"

🍚 Input Parameters

FieldTypeDescriptionDefault value
startUrlsarrayPaste the TikTok URLs, and get the results immediately. Location URLs are supported.[]
maxPostsPerQueryNumberMaximum number of items to return per query.null
maxItemsnumberMaximum number of items that you want to receive as outputInfinity
customMapFunctionStringFunction that takes each of the objects as argument and returns data that will be mapped by the function itself.null

🔧 Troubleshooting

  • Getting Few Results? Check "Maximum number of items on output" (maxItems) field, and "Maximum charged results" fields. These two fields enable you to handle the total number of results. Leaving both empty will result infinite results.
  • Are Some Outputs Missing? Ensure that you review all fields, not just the overview. You can navigate to the "Storage" tab and select either "Download the results" or "Open in a New Tab."
  • Getting No Results? Confirm that your parameters are not overly restrictive.
  • Not Receiving New Comments After a Large Batch? Examine the log for messages like "Logging is too fast, some lines were skipped." If you encounter this issue, consider scraping smaller amounts of data to avoid it.

📞 Contact and Feature Requests

If you need any sort of support, please send an email to apidojo10@gmail.com. You name it, we get it.

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