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Actor Readme Generator

Actor Readme Generator

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Generates READMEs scrapers using ChatGPT, based on an Apify-approved template.

What does the Actor README Generator do?

The Actor README generator uses an Apify-approved template to generate a README for your scraper. The Actor currently uses only one template, which is optimized for scrapers, so if your use case is more specific, you may want to try your hand at creating your own prompt.

Important: the generated README is not final and we can't guarantee it will be correct - you should still go through it and improve it, adjust the links if needed, and add images.

How to generate your README

  1. Input your Actor's title, a brief description of what it does, the site it scrapes, and some example READMEs, if you have some that you'd like to emulate.
  2. Provide a sample of your Actor's output in JSON format.
  3. Provide your OpenAI API key.

How does the Actor work?

The Actor combines the details from your input with the template and uses this as a prompt for ChatGPT 3.5 Turbo. The generated README is then saved to a key-value store.

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