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Facebook scraping tool to crawl and extract basic data from one or multiple Facebook Pages. Extract Facebook page name, page URL address, category, likes, check-ins, and other public data. Download data in JSON, CSV, Excel and use it in apps, spreadsheets, and reports.

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Receiving posts older than 'onlyPostsNewerThan' parameter


thesoftedge opened this issue
2 months ago

When we pass an 鈥榦nlyPostsNewerThan鈥 argument, occasionally we are getting posts older than the date we specify.

For example, on this run (https://console.apify.com/actors/runs/SsMsfGopjwUElSxGM), we specified an 鈥榦nlyPostsNewerThan鈥 of 鈥2024-03-19鈥, yet our results include three posts from 2024-03-18.

I feel that this is because we grabbed the first page of results for the facebook urls in question, without specifying a 鈥榬esultsLimit鈥, but was hoping you could provide a better explanation as to why we are getting results from outside our requested timeframe.

Any information you could provide is appreciated.

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In dataset https://api.apify.com/v2/datasets/HDvQ69AMA7KJNMhN7/items?clean=true&format=json there is 10 dates 2024-03-18 however all for shared posts, i.e. https://www.facebook.com/RepTroyNehls/posts/pfbid0dzea3mtZNi19gxumz3R4VzQpAeXcK8ad3SrbkcdoocNT97GzwGWpFYLu7wDADapMl re-posted https://www.facebook.com/freedomcaucus/posts/pfbid0LL9h8ivHY5NYdKQcyaL5bWzP8BnVQTPtBpFyJ9kkwxfdToK6r7Q7pKfLMtH7frTql

Re-post above dated as 2024-03-19 so actor logic is correct

I麓m going to close the issue now, but if there would be anything else we could help with, please let us know.

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