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Crawls websites with the headless Chromium, Chrome, or Firefox browser and Playwright library using a provided server-side Node.js code. Supports both recursive crawling and a list of URLs. Supports login to a website.

Change Log

1.0.11 (2023-08-22)

  • Updated Crawlee version to v3.5.2.
  • Updated Node.js version to v18.
  • Added new options:
    • Dismiss cookie modals (closeCookieModals): Using the I don't care about cookies browser extension. When on, the crawler will automatically try to dismiss cookie consent modals. This can be useful when crawling European websites that show cookie consent modals.
    • Maximum scrolling distance in pixels (maxScrollHeightPixels): The crawler will scroll down the page until all content is loaded or the maximum scrolling distance is reached. Setting this to 0 disables scrolling altogether.
    • Exclude Glob Patterns (excludes): Glob patterns to match links in the page that you want to exclude from being enqueued.


  • Initial version built on Crawlee.
  • Proxy usage is now required.
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