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IMDB Ratings

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Download movie data and ratings from biggest Movie database.

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IMDB Ratings

Free trial for 3 days

Then $5.00/month

IMDB - Movie data and ratings scraper

This actor can scrape movie info and movie ratings from page.

Actor cost

Actor using cheerio scraper which is efficient. Recommended RAM usage is 256MB.

Input config

  1. Choose what you want scrape: specific title IDs (MOVIE_IDS) or search keyword (QUERY) (limited to 5 titles per search) or scrape IMDB chart (CHART).
  2. If you set CHART. You can set LIMIT and START_LIMIT_FROM (optional)
  3. Do you want scrape title data GET_MOVIES_DATA, ratings GET_RATINGS or IDs SAVE_IDs?
  4. Do you want save data to named dataset to have specific data in named dataset? Than set DATASET_NAME or DATASET_NAME_RATINGS or DATASET_NAME_ID


Inpot valueDescriptionExample
MOVIE_IDSScrape list of IDs from IMDB. ID can be find in url:
QUERYSearch any keyword. It's limited to only 5 titles per search"Star Wars"
CHARTScrape any IMDB chart. Like popular chart.moviemeter
START_LIMIT_FROM (optional)Starting number of scraping movies. Default value is 11
LIMIT (optional)Maximum number of movies that will be scraped. Default value is 50500
GET_MOVIES_DATASet true if you want scrape movie datatrue or false
GET_RATINGSSet true if you want scrape ratingstrue or false
SAVE_IDs (optional)Set true if you want scrape IDs. Only for QUERY or CHARTtrue or false
DATASET_NAME (optional)Save scraped data to named dataset. Run actor many times with same name but different IDs than this dataset will contains all data.EXAMPLE_NAME
DATASET_NAME_RATINGS (optional)Save scraped ratings to named dataset.EXAMPLE_RATING
DATASET_NAME_ID (optional)Save scraped IDs to named dataset.EXAMPLE_ID
CLEAN_DATASET_NAMES (optional)Array of dataset name(s) which will be deleted first.["EXAMPLE_NAME","EXAMPLE_RATING","EXAMPLE_ID"]
proxyConfiguration (optional)Select proxy to avoid IP address blocking.

Input example

Scrape ratings for 3 movies:

{ "MOVIE_IDS": ["tt10954600", "tt12823454", "tt2911666"], "GET_RATINGS": true, "proxyConfiguration": { "useApifyProxy": false } }

Scrape 5 movie data from search keyword "John Wick":

{ "QUERY": "John Wick", "GET_MOVIES_DATA": true, "proxyConfiguration": { "useApifyProxy": false } }


IMDB has different chart. Just set: { "CHART": "moviemeter", }

User Rating"user_rating"
Number of Votes"num_votes"
US Box Office"boxoffice_gross_us"
Release Date"release_date"
Date of Your Rating"your_rating_date"
Your Rating"sort=my_ratings"

Result for MOVIE DATA

Input: { "GET_MOVIES_DATA": true }

{ "id": "tt2911666", "title": "John Wick", "releaseDate": "October 24, 2014 (United States)", "director": [ "Chad Stahelski", "David Leitch" ], "writers": [ "Derek Kolstad" ], "countryOfOrigin": [ "United States", "United Kingdom", "China" ], "rating": "7.4", "popularity": "119", "genres": [ "Action", "Crime", "Thriller" ], "officialSites": [ "", "" ], "language": "EnglishRussianHungarian", "locations": [ "Calvary Cemetery, Woodside, Queens, New York City, New York, USA" ], "ProductionCompanies": [ "Summit Entertainment", "Thunder Road Pictures", "87Eleven" ], "grossUSCanada": "$43,037,835", "openingWeekendUSCanada": "$14,415,922", "grossWorldwide": "$86,081,711", "runtime": "1 hour 41 minutes", "casts": [ "Keanu Reeves @ John Wick", "Michael Nyqvist @ Viggo Tarasov", "Alfie Allen @ Iosef Tarasov", "Willem Dafoe @ Marcus", "Dean Winters @ Avi", "Adrianne Palicki @ Ms. Perkins", "Omer Barnea @ Gregori", "Toby Leonard Moore @ Victor", "Daniel Bernhardt @ Kirill", "Bridget Moynahan @ Helen", "John Leguizamo @ Aurelio", "Ian McShane @ Winston", "Bridget Regan @ Addy", "Lance Reddick @ Hotel Manager", "Keith Jardine @ Kuzma", "Tait Fletcher @ Nicholai", "Kazy Tauginas @ Ivan", "Alexander Frekey @ Alexander" ], "url": "" }

Result for ID's

Input: { "SAVE_IDs": true }

{ "url": "", "titles": [ { "title": "John Wick: Chapter 4", "id": "tt10366206" }, { "title": "John Wick", "id": "tt2911666" }, { "title": "John Wick: Chapter 2", "id": "tt4425200" }, { "title": "John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum", "id": "tt6146586" }, { "title": "John Wick: Chapter 5", "id": "tt12844100" } ] }

Result for ratings

Input: { "GET_RATINGS": true }

  • Return ratings for all demographics:

'imdb_users', 'males', 'females', 'aged_under_18', 'aged_18_29', 'aged_30_44', 'aged_45_plus', 'males_aged_under_18', 'males_aged_18_29', 'males_aged_30_44', 'males_aged_45_plus', 'females_aged_under_18', 'females_aged_18_29', 'females_aged_30_44', 'females_aged_45_plus'

For all IMDB users:

{ "date": "22-02-2023", "title": "John Wick (2014)", "demographic": "imdb_users", "averageVote": 7.4, "arithmeticVote": 7.6, "medianVote": 8, "totalVotes": 645487, "Votes_10": 79402, "Percent_10": 12.3, "Votes_9": 87601, "Percent_9": 13.6, "Votes_8": 188132, "Percent_8": 29.1, "Votes_7": 171542, "Percent_7": 26.6, "Votes_6": 68794, "Percent_6": 10.7, "Votes_5": 25724, "Percent_5": 4, "Votes_4": 10195, "Percent_4": 1.6, "Votes_3": 5509, "Percent_3": 0.9, "Votes_2": 3443, "Percent_2": 0.5, "Votes_1": 5145, "Percent_1": 0.8, "url": "" }