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Fast Google Play Reviews for ChatGPT ⚡
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Fast Google Play Reviews for ChatGPT ⚡

Fast Google Play Reviews for ChatGPT ⚡

Try for free

1 day trial then $15.00/month - No credit card required now

The fastest Google Play scraper on the market ⚡ The Google Play scraper only returns the grade and the comment to run faster and enable ChatGPT custom actions with a smaller payload, to deal with a large number of data.

App Reviews Scraper


The Google Play Scraper for ChatGPT is an Apify actor designed to scrape app reviews from the Google Play Store. It filters reviews based on the specified number of days and language, then outputs the result in JSON format. This actor is particularly useful for gathering user feedback, analyzing review trends, and monitoring app performance over time. Its small payload make it particularly useful as a custom action for a LLM such as ChaGPT.


  • Scrapes reviews from Google Play Store apps.
  • Filters reviews by the specified number of days.
  • Outputs results in a structured JSON format.

Integration to ChatGPT

Watch the following video to integrate the actor with your custom GPT on ChatPGT. Also works with OpenAI platform.


The actor requires the following input parameters:

  • app_url: An array of URLs of the apps on the Google Play Store.
  • num_days: Number of days to filter reviews (e.g., last 30 days).

Example Input

2    "app_urls": [
3        "",
4        ""
5    ],
6    "num_days": 30


The actor outputs a JSON object containing the filtered reviews with the following fields:

  • app_name: The name of the app.
  • score: The rating of the app (integer).
  • content: The text content of the review (string).

Example Output

2    {
3        "app_name": "Example App 1",
4        "score": 5,
5        "content": "Great app! Very useful."
6    },
7    {
8        "app_name": "Example App 2",
9        "score": 4,
10        "content": "Good app, but needs some improvements."
11    }


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