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Argos Product Scraper

Argos Product Scraper

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1 day trial then $35.00/month - No credit card required now

Use this Argos scraper to collect data based on URL from the Argos website. Extract product information including prices, descriptions, and Argos Product ID. Download data in various structured formats.

Welcome to Argos Product Scraper


Argos Scraper is a tool designed to extract data from by category. It provides a convenient way to scrape product information, prices, and other relevant data from.

What is Argos Product Scraper and how does it work?

Argos Product Scraper is a web scraping tool that enables you to extract product data from Argos by using Argos's category ID.

For example, this is an Argos URL for the Television category:

Argos subcategories typically have /search/ in the URL after the Argos domain, so make sure your URL looks something like the example above.

So just add one or more Argos category ID in the input field and select the maximum number of items you want to scrape. Then download the data from the output schema. You can even get this data via API without having to log in to the Apify platform.

How to get the category ID

Here an example to get the category ID from the url

-> categoryId = 30106

Why scrape Argos products?

Scraping Argos products can help you to:

鉃★笍 Monitor the performance of categories and subcategories on Argos so you can put the performance of your products into context.

鉃★笍 Discover up-and-coming brands and products to benchmark your performance within its category based on views, conversions, and reviews.

鉃★笍 Fine-tune your advertising and messaging.

鉃★笍 Use Argos data to give you an edge in competitive intelligence.

Argos is one the biggest ecom in the UK behind Amazon.

It is legal to scrape publicly available data such as product descriptions, prices, or ratings. Read our blog post on the legality of web scraping to learn more.

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