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BuiltWith (Bulk URLs)

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Find out what websites are Built With (technology looker). It's fast and costs little.

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96 success, 3 failed


acclaimed_rutabaga opened this issue
3 months ago


It's me again, thank you for fixing the other bug, it's working past 5 now. I'm prepare to run a few thousand websites but first I've done a test run with 99 websites and 3 failed.

I don't know why and it's not a problem that it failed 3 times given the success rate.

But is there a way to find which websites failed to get parsed so I can include them in next runs?

If that's hard to do, maybe is there a way to run it slower, or with more proxies, so it doesn't fail?

Thank you so much for the great work

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No worries. We see "REQUESTS 99 of 99 handled" and 99 websites in your array.

However we've added logging in case BuiltWith does not return any results:

2024-02-23T18:21:40.405Z Processing https://builtwith.com/beckettsimonon.com.. 2024-02-23T18:21:40.517Z Processing https://builtwith.com/zeaazeezaeza.zo.. 2024-02-23T18:21:41.609Z 💣 Could not reach: https://builtwith.com/zeaazeezaeza.zo

See the note about Concurrency in the Information tab for scaling.

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