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2 hours trial then $5.00/month - No credit card required now

Get Search results and Company data from Crunchbase. It's fast and costs little.


  • Get Search Results

  • Get Company Data

"Get Company Data" first runs a search, then returns the profile for the first result.

You can increase the value for "Maximum searches" for cases where the company is ranked lower.

Available data covers: Technologies, Company, Competitors, Contact, Description, Highlights, Investors, Funding, Semrush, Social Links.

How it works.

  1. Enter the Company name to be analyzed.

  2. Select a process to run (e.g., Get Search Results).

  3. Set the crawler options.

  4. Run it! 🎉


Crunchbase is very sensitive to scraping. Use a proxy!

Any blocked request is indicated in the logs (status 423 or 403).

For non-blocked requests, open a new issue or contact support.


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  • Created in Oct 2023
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