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Skyscanner (Flights)
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Skyscanner (Flights)

Skyscanner (Flights)

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3 days trial then $12.00/month - No credit card required now

Get the best flight itineraries from Skyscanner! Supports round trips, one way and multi-city with various filters. It's fast and costs litte!

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🛑 For best performance, we recommend using the "Airport codes" option and IATA airport codes for Origin/Destination.

🔃 Skyscanner prices are rounded up on their website (e.g., $709). The actual results return exact amounts (e.g., $708.01).


  • Flight type (select)

    Choose from Round trip, One way, Multi-city.

  • Market (select)

    Choose from the available countries. This will set default domain, country, locale and currency.

  • Direct flights only (boolean)

    Allow flights with stops.

  • Airport codes (boolean)

    When checked, the Origin/Destination only accept IATA airport codes (3 or 4-letter codes). This will speed up the job.

  • Flight origin/destination (string)

    Not required for Multi-city. Airports to depart from and return to.

  • Departure/Return dates (string)

    Not required for Multi-city. Dates to depart from and return to. Format: YYMMDD.

  • Number of adults (integer)

    Maximum of 8.

  • Cabin class (select)

    Choose from Economy, Premium Economy, Business Class or First Class.

  • Nearby airports (select)

    Choose from Do not include, Nearby airports, Nearby airport (Origin) or Nearby airport (Destination).

  • Number of children (array)

    Leave empty if no children are required in the reservation. Otherwise, create an array with one entry for each child (age 0 to 15).

    Example for two children: [ 1, 12 ]

  • Multi-city - Locations (array)

    For process "Multi-city" only. Enter the list of airports (2, 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12) to include in the itinerary.

    Example for 8 airports: ["yvr", "sea", "sea", "lax", "lax", "jfk", "jfk", "iad"].

  • Multi-city - Dates (array)

    For process "Multi-city" only. Enter the list of dates (2, 3, 4, 5, 6) matching the locations.

    Example for 8 airports: ["2024-09-12", "2024-09-19", "2024-09-23", "2024-09-25"].

Note: For reference, combining both Multi-city examples creates the following itinerary: YVR to SEA (2024-09-12), SEA to LAX (2024-09-19), LAX to JFK (2024-09-23), JFK to IAD (2024-09-25).


This actor returns raw data.

How it works.

  1. Set the parameters.

  2. Set the crawler options.

  3. Run it! 🎉


Always use a strong proxy (Residential or custom), and make sure to wait long enough between requests!

Open a new issue for bugs and feature requests.


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