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Get the best flight itineraries from Skyscanner! Supports round trips, one way and multi-city with various filters. It's fast and costs litte!



Simulates user country.

Value options:

"Puerto Rico": string"Palestinian Territories": string"Portugal": string"Palau": string"Paraguay": string"Qatar": string"Principat d'Andorra": string"United Arab Emirates": string"Afghanistan": string"Antigua and Barbuda": string"Anguilla": string"Albania": string"Armenia": string"Angola": string"Antarctica": string"Argentina": string"American Samoa": string"Österreich": string"Reunion": string"Australia": string"Aruba": string"Azerbaijan": string"România": string"Bosnia and Herzegovina": string"Barbados": string"Serbia": string"Bangladesh": string"België": string"Россия": string"Burkina Faso": string"България": string"Rwanda": string"Bahrain": string"Burundi": string"Benin": string"Saint Barthelemy": string"Bermuda": string"Brunei": string"Bolivia": string"Saudi Arabia": string"Caribbean Netherlands": string"Solomon Islands": string"Brasil": string"Seychelles": string"Bahamas": string"Sudan": string"Bhutan": string"Sverige": string"Singapore": string"Botswana": string"St. Helena": string"Slovenia": string"Беларусь": string"Belize": string"Slovensko": string"Sierra Leone": string"Senegal": string"Somalia": string"Canada": string"Suriname": string"Cocos (Keeling) Islands": string"South Sudan": string"DR Congo": string"Sao Tome and Principe": string"Central African Republic": string"El Salvador": string"Congo": string"Schweiz": string"St Maarten": string"Ivory Coast": string"Syria": string"Swaziland": string"Cook Islands": string"Chile": string"Cameroon": string"中国": string"Colombia": string"Costa Rica": string"Turks and Caicos Islands": string"Chad": string"Cuba": string"Cape Verde": string"Togo": string"Curacao": string"ไทย": string"Christmas Island": string"Κύπρος": string"Tajikistan": string"Česká republika": string"East Timor": string"Turkmenistan": string"Tunisia": string"Tonga": string"Türkiye": string"Trinidad and Tobago": string"Deutschland": string"Tuvalu": string"台灣": string"Djibouti": string"Tanzania": string"Danmark": string"Dominica": string"República Dominicana": string"Україна": string"Uganda": string"Algeria": string"United Kingdom": string"Ecuador": string"United States": string"Estonia": string"Egypt": string"Uruguay": string"Uzbekistan": string"Città del Vaticano": string"Eritrea": string"Saint Vincent and the Grenadines": string"España": string"Ethiopia": string"Venezuela": string"British Virgin Islands": string"US Virgin Islands": string"Việt Nam": string"Vanuatu": string"Suomi": string"Fiji": string"Falkland Islands": string"Micronesia": string"Faroe Islands": string"France": string"Wallis and Futuna Islands": string"Gabon": string"Samoa": string"Grenada": string"Georgia": string"Guyane Française": string"Guernsey": string"Ghana": string"Gibraltar": string"Greenland": string"Gambia": string"Guinea": string"Guadeloupe": string"Equatorial Guinea": string"Ελλάδα": string"South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands": string"Guatemala": string"Guam": string"Guinea-Bissau": string"Guyana": string"Kosovo": string"香港": string"Honduras": string"Hrvatska": string"Haiti": string"Yemen": string"Magyarország": string"Indonesia": string"Mayotte": string"Ireland": string"Israel": string"India": string"South Africa": string"Iraq": string"Iran": string"Iceland": string"Italia": string"Zambia": string"Zimbabwe": string"Jamaica": string"Jordan": string"日本": string"Kenya": string"Kyrgyzstan": string"Cambodia": string"Kiribati": string"Comoros": string"Saint Kitts and Nevis": string"North Korea": string"대한민국": string"Kuwait": string"Cayman Islands": string"Kazakhstan": string"Laos": string"Lebanon": string"Saint Lucia": string"Fürstentum Liechtenstein": string"Sri Lanka": string"Liberia": string"Lesotho": string"Lithuania": string"Luxembourg": string"Latvia": string"Libya": string"Morocco": string"Monaco": string"Moldova": string"Montenegro": string"Madagascar": string"Marshall Islands": string"Republic of Macedonia": string"Mali": string"Myanmar": string"Mongolia": string"Macau": string"Northern Mariana Islands": string"Martinique": string"Mauritania": string"Montserrat": string"Malta": string"Mauritius": string"Maldives": string"Malawi": string"México": string"Malaysia": string"Mozambique": string"Namibia": string"New Caledonia": string"Niger": string"Nigeria": string"Nicaragua": string"Nederland": string"Norge": string"Nepal": string"Nauru": string"Niue": string"New Zealand": string"Oman": string"Panamá": string"Perú": string"French Polynesia": string"Papua New Guinea": string"Philippines": string"Pakistan": string"Polska": string"St. Pierre and Miquelon": string

Default value of this property is "United States"

Flight type


Value options:

"1": string"0": string"2": string

Default value of this property is "1"

Direct flights only


Default value of this property is false

Airport codes


Origin/Destination must be Airport IATA codes. Recommended for performance.

Default value of this property is true

Flight origin


E.g., LAX or Los Angeles

Flight destination


E.g., LAS or Las Vegas

Departure date


Format: YYMMDD

Return date


Format: YYMMDD

Number of adults


Default value of this property is 1

Number of children


Must be of type INT < 16. Maximum 8 entries.

Cabin class


Value options:

"economy": string"premiumeconomy": string"business": string"first": string

Default value of this property is "economy"

Nearby airports


Value options:

"none": string"all": string"from": string"to": string

Default value of this property is "none"

Multi-city - Locations


Only applies to Multi-city process. See documentation.

Multi-city - Dates


Only applies to Multi-city process. See documentation.



Waiting time between requests.

Default value of this property is 5



Number of retries after failure.

Default value of this property is 2

Proxy configuration


Select proxies to be used by your crawler.

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