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Crunchbase Scraper Pro: Cleaned Data
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Crunchbase Scraper Pro: Cleaned Data

Crunchbase Scraper Pro: Cleaned Data

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1 day trial then $29.00/month - No credit card required now

Crunchbase Scraper Pro: Clean Data Edition effortlessly extracts & refines business data from Crunchbase, offering cleaned, ready-to-analyze insights for market research, competitive intelligence, and strategic decision-making. Ideal for investors, analysts, and marketers seeking precision.

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Welcome to the Crunchbase Scraper, your go-to solution for simplified, clean, and accessible data extraction from one of the most comprehensive business information platforms, Crunchbase. Our tool stands out in the competitive landscape by offering meticulously cleaned and organized data, ready for your business intelligence, market research, and strategic planning needs.


  • Data Cleaning: Unlike our competitors, who provide raw, complex, and voluminous data, we pride ourselves on delivering clean, structured, and actionable insights. Our advanced algorithms ensure that you get the information you need without the clutter.

  • Versatile Data Extraction: Our scraper is designed to fetch a variety of data types including:

    • Organizations
    • Funding Rounds
    • Acquisitions
    • Individuals (Persons)
    • Events
    • Industry Hubs
  • User-Friendly Input: Simply provide URLs of the Crunchbase pages you're interested in, and let our scraper do the rest.

  • Customizable Output: Choose whether you want the data as-is or cleaned with our cleanedData toggle. This feature puts you in control of the level of detail and cleanliness of your extracted data.

Use Cases

Our users leverage the Crunchbase Scraper for a multitude of purposes, such as:

  • Market Research: Gain insights into industry trends, emerging sectors, and competitive landscapes.

  • Investment Sourcing: Identify and evaluate potential investment opportunities with comprehensive data on funding rounds and acquisitions.

  • Sales Leads: Discover and qualify leads by understanding organizational hierarchies, key personnel, and industry events.

  • Academic Research: Access detailed data for studies on business ecosystems, startup success factors, and innovation trends.

Active Development

The Crunchbase Scraper is under continuous development. We regularly update our tool to ensure compatibility with Crunchbase's evolving data structure and to introduce new features that respond to our users' feedback and needs.

Input Parameters

To use the Crunchbase Scraper, provide your parameters in the following JSON format:

2    "urls": [
3        {"url": ""},
4        {"url": ""},
5        {"url": ""},
6        {"url": ""},
7        {"url": ""},
8        {"url": ""},
9        {"url": ""}
10    ],
11    "cleanedData": true

This flexible approach allows you to tailor the data extraction process to fit your specific requirements, whether you need broad industry data or detailed insights on specific entities.


Have questions, feedback, or need assistance? Our dedicated support team is here to help you make the most out of the Crunchbase Scraper. Reach out to us at for prompt assistance.

Thank you for choosing Crunchbase Scraper. We look forward to empowering your data-driven decisions.

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