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Apollo Scraper - Pay per leads
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Apollo Scraper - Pay per leads

Apollo Scraper - Pay per leads

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Pay $5.00 for 1,000 results

Scrape apollo to get b2b leads with emails, work history, company website, company phone numbers, etc


Apollo blocked my account for 24 hours for using this scraper


uhhfeef opened this issue
6 months ago

Logs: ERROR Error from apollo: Prospecting is blocked for 24 hours because you have violated our Terms of Services for the Unlimited plan. (Code 7) In order to protect the platform and our customers' data, Apollo has automated security measures in place to prevent behaviors that are against our Terms of Service and may hurt our infrastructure. The block will be lifted automatically at the end of the specified term. Our system identified a prospecting rate that is unusual for a human, and a limit was placed on your team to protect our database from any automations. Please check our Terms of Service to avoid behaviors that could block your account temporarily or permanently. ERROR [Status message]: Actor finished with an error (exit code 1)

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Thanks for opening the issue, Let me check and get back to you

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