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extraordinary_muffin opened this issue
6 months ago
  1. Followers displayed on the twitter website for one of the handles was 2256. I entered 22256 by mistake and the actor continued to scrape till 20k until I manually stopped it. So what is the scene? Is data shown on X website wrong? Are the extra scraped followers by the actor really followers of the same handle? What is going on? Which is correct set of followers - shown 2256 or scraped 20k?

  2. How to use "Next page cursor". If I resume scraping from already scraped 30k then what pagination number to put?

  3. Can I put store ID from another apify account?

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  1. Scraped followers count should match with count shown in twitter. I've pushed an update that might fix this issue

  2. You can find the cursor of last run on Key-Value storage under key "state" which is a JSON string, The value of "nextCursor" key in the JSON is the cursor you need to continue scraping. But if you try to scrape with another account, it might not work as intended as twitter sorts followers list in customised way which is personalised based on account and relevant followers are shown first

  3. No

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