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Youtube Channel Scrapper

Youtube Channel Scrapper

Try for free

Pay $2.50 for 1,000 videos

Scrape YouTube Channel pages from page URL. There is not much configuration as it uses initial data available on page load. You'll get video Id, title, descriptions, #likes, #comments, #views and similar information for channels. Feel free to try it out with our default settings by hitting ▷ Start.

Youtube Channel Scrapper

A simple youtube scrapper that collect recent videos list from youtube channel URLs. We collect up to 30 most recent videos per channel URL and we also get some general information about the channel itself.

If the "details" flag is turned on on the inputs, in addition of the channel page we also scrap every video page to get additional information about each videos.


What data are collected ?

For the channel
2  'channelId': 'UC4f0qvPJLqGTuLyy2iHOd-g',
3  'channelShortName': 'rtbf_info',
4  'channelName': 'RTBF Info',
5  'channelDescription': "Channel description...",
6  'channelThumbnailUrl': '',
7  'channelTotalVideos': 938,
8  'numberOfSubscribers': '27.6K',
9  'channelTotalViews': 16967815,
10  'channelJoinedDate': '2022-10-14',
11  'channelLocation': 'Belgium',
12  'channelUrl': '',
For the video
2  'id': 'XcdUi6O6x2w',
3  'title': 'Video Title',
4  'url': '',
5  'text': "Video description...",  #complete only if details are collected
6  'thumbnailUrl': '',
7  'relativeDate': '22 hours ago',
8  'duration': '10:21',
9  'viewCount': 60300,
10  'commentsCount': 389, #only if details are collected
11  'likes': 826, #only if details are collected
12  'date': '2023-09-11', #only if details are collected
13  'location': None, #later
14  'subtitles': None, #later
15  'comments': [{}], #up to 5 comments in the list, see bellow for the format
16  'fromYTUrl': '',

Can we get more than 30 videos per channel ?

No, the scrapper works using pure html (no javascript), so we can't scroll the page down to load more videos. That's one of the reason why this scrapper is so cheap.

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