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Provide real-time news and articles sourced from Google News

News Type


Select news type

Value options:

"latest": string"entertainment": string"world": string"business": string"health": string"sport": string"science": string"technology": string"search": string

Default value of this property is "latest"

Language and Region


Select language region

Value options:

"id-ID": string"cs-CZ": string"de-DE": string"de-LI": string"de-LU": string"de-AT": string"de-CH": string"en-AL": string"en-AG": string"en-AU": string"en-BH": string"en-BD": string"en-BZ": string"en-BA": string"en-BW": string"en-KH": string"en-CA": string"en-EE": string"en-ET": string"en-FJ": string"en-GH": string"en-IS": string"en-IN": string"en-ID": string"en-IE": string"en-IL": string"en-JM": string"en-KE": string"en-LV": string"en-MY": string"en-MT": string"en-MU": string"en-NA": string"en-NP": string"en-NZ": string"en-NG": string"en-MK": string"en-PK": string"en-PG": string"en-PH": string"en-RW": string"en-SG": string"en-ZA": string"en-LK": string"en-TZ": string"en-TT": string"en-UG": string"en-GB": string"en-US": string"en-ZM": string"en-ZW": string"es-AR": string"es-BO": string"es-CL": string"es-CO": string"es-CR": string"es-CU": string"es-EC": string"es-SV": string"es-ES": string"es-US": string"es-GT": string"es-HN": string"es-MX": string"es-NI": string"es-PA": string"es-PY": string"es-PE": string"es-DO": string"es-UY": string"es-VE": string"fr-BE": string"fr-BJ": string"fr-BF": string"fr-CM": string"fr-CA": string"fr-CV": string"fr-CI": string"fr-FR": string"fr-GA": string"fr-HT": string"fr-ML": string"fr-MA": string"fr-NE": string"fr-SN": string"fr-CH": string"fr-TG": string"hr-HR": string"it-IT": string"lv-LV": string"lt-LT": string"hu-HU": string"nl-AW": string"nl-BE": string"nl-NL": string"no-NO": string"pl-PL": string"pt-BR": string"pt-PT": string"ro-MD": string"ro-RO": string"sk-SK": string"sl-SI": string"sv-SE": string"vi-VN": string"tr-TR": string"el-GR": string"el-CY": string"bg-BG": string"ru-AZ": string"ru-AM": string"ru-BY": string"ru-KZ": string"ru-KG": string"ru-RU": string"ru-TJ": string"ru-TM": string"ru-UZ": string"ru-UA": string"sr-RS": string"uk-UA": string"he-IL": string"ar-JO": string"ar-AE": string"ar-KW": string"ar-SA": string"ar-OM": string"ar-QA": string"ar-LB": string"ar-EG": string"mr-IN": string"hi-IN": string"bn-BD": string"bn-IN": string"ta-IN": string"te-IN": string"kn-IN": string"ml-IN": string"th-LA": string"th-TH": string"zh-CN": string"zh-TW": string"zh-HK": string"ja-JP": string"ko-KR": string

Default value of this property is "en-US"

Search Keyword


The search keyword. (only on search mode)

Max number of results


Specify the number of news articles to be returned in a single request, (25 to 100)

Default value of this property is 50

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