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The best amazon page scraper! Use this scraper to get all the products on an Amazon page!

Amazon Pages Scraper

How it works

This scraper leverages the Apify platform to automate the process of extracting product information from Amazon pages. Here's an overview of how it works:

  1. Input URLs: You provide the URLs of Amazon product pages you want to scrape.

  2. Web Scraping: The scraper uses Apify's web scraping capabilities to visit each provided URL, retrieve the HTML content, and extract relevant data such as product images, the number of reviews, and ASIN.

  3. Data Extraction: Using a combination of CSS selectors or XPath expressions, the scraper identifies specific elements on the page containing the desired information. It then extracts this data from the HTML content.

  4. Output: The extracted data is structured and saved in JSON format. Each product's information, including its image URL, number of reviews, and ASIN, is stored as a separate entry in the output file.

  5. Customization: You have the flexibility to customize the scraper's behavior by adjusting parameters in the apify.json configuration file or modifying the source code (main.js). This allows you to tailor the scraper to your specific scraping needs, such as targeting different types of product pages or extracting additional data fields.

  6. Execution: Once configured, you can run the scraper using the Apify CLI. The scraper will iterate through the provided URLs, scrape the necessary data from each page, and store the results in the designated output file.

  7. Output Analysis: After execution, you can analyze the extracted data for insights, perform further processing or integration with other tools, and use it for various purposes such as market research, competitive analysis, or building product catalogs.

Overall, this scraper streamlines the process of gathering product information from Amazon pages, automating tedious manual tasks and enabling efficient data extraction at scale.

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