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Extract data from any website and feed it into GPT via the OpenAI API. Use ChatGPT to proofread content, analyze sentiment, summarize reviews, extract contact details, and much more.

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i cannot make this scraper connect to my google sheets apps script


TheArkMaster opened this issue
10 months ago

i have followed your guidance, but everytime my script runs, it only runs and gets output to the console and the output is not displayed onto my google sheet. I have web URL in cell C2, and output in cell e2. So it should be displayed but it doesn't

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Hey Noah,

can you provide more info about the issue? I'm not sure who gives you guidance and what problem you are tying to solve.

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9 months ago

hi Jakub, i managed to resolve it. But now i am having issue of it running every single web address separately instead of all on 1 API call. Thanks

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Hi Noah,

good to hear that you are able to solve the issue. I'm not an expert for google API, but if you need help you can create a new issue with a detailed description and I can check.

Have a nice day!

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