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Schema handling changed


maroon_herb opened this issue
10 months ago

I'm rerunning, and even resurrected versions that have worked previously, but now get a schema validation error on start. I guess it means that there is work going on to resolve the problem with schemas just being used for formatting. :)

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Hey Markus,

in the scraper we started using JSON Schema in version draft-2020-12 same as OpenAI does, see https://ajv.js.org/json-schema.html#draft-2020-12. In your Actor, you are trying to set the schema in http://json-schema.org/draft-07/schema and it fails.

you need to replace "$schema": "http://json-schema.org/draft-07/schema#", with "$schema": "https://json-schema.org/draft/2020-12/schema",

I hope it helps.

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