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Send Legacy PhantomJS Crawler Results


This actor downloads results from Legacy PhantomJS Crawler task and sends them to email as attachments. It is designed to run from finish webhook.

Apify actor to send results (Apify store)

This actor downloads results from Apify scraper/crawler and send them to email as attachments. It is designed to run from finish webhook of Legacy PhantomJS Crawler.


From Legacy PhantomJS Crawler task

For a specific task set the following parameters:

Finish webhook URL (finishWebhookUrl)

You can find your API token on your Apify account page.

Finish webhook data (finishWebhookData)


  "to": "",
  "subject": "Execution ID: {{executionId}} results",
  "text": "Link to html results:{{executionId}}/results?format=html&simplified=1",
  "html":  "Link to html <a href=\"{{executionId}}/results?format=html&simplified=1\"> results </a>",
  "attachResults": [
        "format": "csv",
        "simplified": 1


  • to(String) - Email address

  • subject(String) - Email subject

  • text(String) - Email text

  • html(String) - Email html body

  • attachResults(Array) - Array of types of results that will be attach to email. Attribute format is required for each type (all types of format). Use same attributes as Get dataset items api endpoint, simplified, offset, limit etc.

  • textContext(Object) - This object is used for process subject and text. It replace all {{key}} in subject and text with proper value from this object. By default object has all attributes attributes gets on input. Same behavior as HandlebarsJS.

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