Canva Templates Scraper

14 days trial then $50.00/month - No credit card required now

Canva Templates Scraper

Canva Templates Scraper


14 days trial then $50.00/month - No credit card required now

Extracting all templates from the template list page.

Canva Templates Scraper

Canva Templates Scraper is an Apify actor for extracting templates from Canva. It is build on top of Apify SDK and you can run it both on Apify platform and locally. You should go to and mouse over the "Templates" dropdown on the header and there you choose a category you want to scrape. It always has to have the format


FieldTypeDescriptionDefault value
startUrlsarrayList of Request objects that will be crawled. The URL can be a template list page
proxyConfigurationobjectProxy must be always used when running on the platform{ "useApifyProxy": true }


Output is stored in a dataset. Each item is an information about a template. Example:

[{ "url": "", "name": "Blue and Orange Organic and Handcrafted Welcome Message Elementary Back to School Banner", "colorList": [ "#f0efed", "#0c5eaf", "#ed9f54", "#685347", "#cb4642" ], "fontList": [ "Hero", "Marykate" ], "size": null, "categoryId": "tAEAieI2jOU", "templateId": "EAEeJtdDwwI", "typeId": "TAEJIJ68vc8", "frontImageUrl": "", "frontThumbImageUrl": "", "backImageUrl": null, "backThumbImageUrl": null }, { "url": "", "name": "Blue School Admission Registration Banner", "colorList": [ "#0e2e48", "#d5e2e9", "#94726e", "#a6b55c", "#e47b2b" ], "fontList": [ "Montserrat Extra-Bold", "Montserrat Semi-Bold" ], "size": "72 脳 36 in", "categoryId": false, "typeId": "CANVA_FOR_WORK", "frontImageUrl": "", "frontThumbImageUrl": "", "backImageUrl": null, "backThumbImageUrl": null }]

Compute units consumption

Keep in mind that it is much more efficient to run one longer scrape (at least one minute) than more shorter ones because of the startup time.

The average consumption is 1 Compute unit for crawling 800 templates scraped


Thank you for trying my actor. I will be very glad for a feedback that you can send to my email

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