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Lazada Scraper

Lazada Scraper

Try for free

Pay $100.00 for 1,000 results

Unofficial Lazada API to extract data from Lazada based on keywords or categories. Scrape prices, product descriptions, images, location, availability, brand, and more. Download extracted data in structured format and use it in reports, spreadsheets, databases, and applications.

Lazada Items Scraper extracts all and any items from any category page on Lazada or by the specific keyword, provided you copy&paste the search URL. Download your data as HTML or Excel table, as well as in JSON, CSV or XML format.

How to use the data extracted from Lazada:

  • Establish automated price and bidding monitoring - scan dozens e-commerce items and products in real-timeto adjust your own buying or pricing strategies.
  • Track competitors' prices - track listings, product, and sales data from various online stores to compare with competitor's and bidder's prices, and back up your decision-making process with real data.
  • Facilitate market analysis - scan and analyze Lazada for images, products, related keywords, whole new categories and more to stay ahead of emerging trends and consumer habits.
  • Optimize performance and implement lightweight automation - collect data about products easily, non-manually, be it for market research, machine learning or new product development.

For more ideas on how to use data extracted from Lazada, check out our industries pages which describe at least 12 ways of how web scraping data is used across the projects and businesses of various scale and direction, specifically in the area of retail and e-commerce.

Cost of usage

Keep in mind that it is much more efficient to run one longer scrape (at least one minute) than a few shorter ones. because of the startup time. In average, this scraper will cost you around 0.06 USD per 1000 items. For more details, see the platform pricing page. If you’re not sure how much CUs you have left on your plan and whether you might need to upgrade, you can always check your limits in the Settings -> Usage and Billing tab in your Console. The easiest way to know how many CUs you will need is to perform a test run.

Input Parameters

This actor will need only two settings from you - a link and a proxy:

  • startUrls (required): List of Request objects, specifying the search queries/categories you want to scrape. The URL can be any search/category page on Lazada.
  • maxPages (required): Limit of pages to be scraped.
  • proxyConfiguration (required): Specifies the proxy settings used while running the actor. When running this actor on the platform, the proxy setting must always be set on. The default value is { "useApifyProxy": true }


2  "startUrls": [
3    {
4      "url": ""
5    },
6    {
7      "url": ""
8    }
9  ],
10  "maxPages": 10,
11  "proxyConfig": {
12    "useApifyProxy": true
13  }


After the Lazada actor finishes the scraping run, it will store the scraped results in a dataset and show them to you as output results. The results can be downloaded in various formats.

Output example:

2  "url": "",
3  "name": "【Buy 1 get 1】Good Quality Keypad Mobile Phone Classic Cellphone(2610)",
4  "image": "",
5  "priceShow": "₱527.36",
6  "discount": "67%off",
7  "location": "Metro Manila",
8  "description": [
9    "2G connectivity for calling and textingFM radio and MP3 player for music16 MB storage4 plus a MicroSD card slot with support up to 32 GBBeautiful push buttons and iconic, shaped design2 MP camera with LED flash for simple snapsAll-new UI with nods to the originalAwesome battery life, with up to 22 hours talk timeHeadphone jack for your tunes1.77” curved window with polarized layer for better readability in sunlight"
10  ],
11  "sellerName": "Japan Shop 1583415983",
12  "brandName": "No Brand",
13  "price": "527.36",
14  "inStock": true,
15  "originalPrice": "1599",
16  "listUrl": ""

Note that the search results may vary if you're executing scraping from different locations. We recommend to use the proxies for the best scraping results from the same location.

Proxy usage

This actor, as many scrapers in the retail industry, will require you to use Proxy servers to function properly. We don't recommend running it on a free account for more complicated tasks than getting a sample of results. If you are planning to run this scraper for getting more than a few results, subscribing to the Apify platform will provide you with access to a large pool of proxies.

Supported countries

This actor supports scraping Lazada in the following countries and domains:

If you'd like any more countries and domains to be added to this scraping list, please email with your request.

Other e-commerce scrapers

We have many more e-commerce and retail scrapers in stock for you; to see the list of those, check out the E-commerce Category in Apify Store.

Need to find product pairs between Lazada and another online shop?

Use the AI Product Matcher. This AI model allows you to compare items from different web stores, identifying exact matches and comparing real-time data obtained via web scraping. With the AI Product Matcher, you can use scraped product data to monitor product matches across the industry, implement dynamic pricing for your website, replace or complement manual mapping, and obtain realistic estimates against your competition for upcoming promo campaigns.

Most importantly, it is relatively easy to get started with (just follow this guide) and is able to match thousands of product pairs.

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