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Run builds for multiple actors in your account simultaneously. This can be useful when many actors in a given project have been updated. For example, the documentation might have been updated in 50 actors. This tool will help you trigger actor builds for all 50 at once.

Actor Batch Builder


This actor provides the capability to run actor builds for multiple actors in your Apify account. This can be useful in cases where several actors have been updated and they need to be re-built to reflect the latest changes. An example would be when updating the documentation for multiple actors in a given project.

The actor calls the actor build process for each target actor via API calls. It then periodically checks for the finished builds to fetch the status and other related data.

Cost of usage

The actor is very cost-effective to run. It will consume approximately 1-2 compute units for every 15,000 actor builds.


There are three modes for fetching the target actors to be built. The first is by providing a string for matching all actors that contain the string in their name:

2    "batchType": "actorNameContains",
3    "actorNameContains": "my-actor"

The second is providing an array of actor IDs:

2    "batchType": "actorIds",
3    "actorIds": [
4        "abc",
5        "abc",
6        "abc"
7    ]

The third option is for building all actors availale in the account:

2    "batchType": "all"

Note that in all three scenarios any actors in the account that do not have the required access permissions will be skipped.


The actor stores the build data along with the actor name and id for each target actor in the default dataset:

2  {
3    "id": "clvyb0YFfI62KRV5F",
4    "status": "SUCCEEDED",
5    "startedAt": "2021-11-06T22:16:17.531Z",
6    "finishedAt": "2021-11-06T22:16:29.816Z",
7    "meta": {
8      "origin": "API"
9    },
10    "actorId": "4PSW9rUi7vvhJfbLr",
11    "actorName": "my-actor"
12  }

The actor also saves some run statistics in the key-value stores under "STATS":

2  "total": 16,
3  "failed": 0,
4  "succeeded": 16,
5  "requests": 56
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