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Free Linkedin Job Scraper

Free Linkedin Job Scraper

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A simple Linkedin Job Scraper to find new job opportunities.

How to use Linkedin job scraper ?

LinkedIn Job Scraper is an efficient web scraper built on Apify designed to assist you in extracting job offers from LinkedIn. To enhance the functionality and access restricted job details, the scraper requires authentication, which can be effortlessly configured. Refer to the "Authentication" section for detailed instructions on setting up the necessary authentication parameters.

Input parameters

The actor accepts the following input parameters:

  • query (string, required): The job search query (e.g., 'Engineer').
  • location (string, required): The expected location for the job (e.g., 'United States').
  • delay (integer, required): Delay between requests in milliseconds.
  • max_results (integer, required): Maximum number of jobs to be scraped.
  • remote (array, required): Remote work options - On site, Remote work, Hybrid.
  • contract_type (array, required): Contract type options - Full time, Part - time, Temporary, Contract.
  • time_interval (string, required): Scrap the jobs published x days ago (options: "DAY", "WEEK", "MONTH", "ANY").
  • li_at_cookie (string, optional): Cookie for LinkedIn authentication, see the authentication part for more information. proxyConfiguration (object, required): Apify Proxy configuration settings.


The scraper requires a valid authentication to be able to scrap the jobs properly.

1. Create an account and login

If you do not have a LinkedIn account yet, you can sign up here : . Once your account is created, log in to your LinkedIn account.

2. Open developer tools

Right-click on the LinkedIn page and select 'Inspect' to open the developer tools.

Within the developer console, navigate to the 'Application' tab and scroll down to 'Cookies.' Under "," locate and copy the value of the cookie named "li_at" from the right-hand side.

Paste the copied value of the cookie into the field named "Authentication cookie (li_at)" in the scraper's input configuration. This ensures proper authentication for the scraper to access LinkedIn job data seamlessly.

Output example

2  "query": "Software+Engineer",
3  "location": [
4    "San Francisco"
5  ],
6  "id": "3785744193",
7  "title": "Software Engineer",
8  "company": "Bayesian Health",
9  "companyLink": "N/A",
10  "companyImgLink": "",
11  "place": "United States",
12  "remote": "Remote",
13  "date": "2024-02-16T14:04:46.541Z",
14  "link": "",
15  "applyLink": "N/A",
16  "insights": [],
17  "description": "About the job\n\nIn Brief\n\nWe're an early-stage startup that’s building a health AI platform to help clinicians make better use of real-time data to reduce preventable complications and save patient lives. \nWe’re looking for a software engineer with breadth of experience across technical stacks who ...."
20  "query": "Software+Engineer",
21  "location": [
22    "San Francisco"
23  ],
24  "id": "3809016170",
25  "title": "Full Stack Engineer",
26  "company": "SLTWTR",
27  "companyLink": "N/A",
28  "companyImgLink": "",
29  "place": "California, United States",
30  "remote": "Remote",
31  "date": "2024-02-16T14:04:42.927Z",
32  "link": "",
33  "applyLink": "N/A",
34  "insights": [],
35  "description": "About the job\n\nCoding Skills:\n\nVanilla Javascript, Vue.js, Shopify Liquid or Twig, LAMP Stack, SCSS. You write using best practices in elegant, commented, object-oriented verses. You eat APIs, but you can cook them too ...."
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